Irish International Grand Prix

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Irish Grand Prix
Phoenix Park
Race information
Number of times held3
First held1929
Last held1931
Circuit length6.9 km (4.25 mi)
Race length482.8 km (300 mi)
Last race (1931)
Pole position
Fastest lap

The Irish Grand Prix also known Irish International Grand Prix was an open-wheel racing car motor race which was held three times on a 4.25 mile circuit laid out in the grounds of Phoenix Park in Dublin.[1]

The Grand Prix was actually two separate handicap races held under a single banner of the Irish International Grand Prix. Friday's race was for cars up to 1500 cc whose drivers competed for the Saorstát Cup, while on Saturday the drivers in the more powerful cars (over 1500 cc) raced for the Éireann Cup; the overall winner of the Irish Grand Prix was decided by the driver who completed the 300 mile race distance from either the Saorstát Cup or Éireann Cup races in the fastest time over the two days.

The first year of the event was 1929 when Boris Ivanowski, a former imperial officer in the Russian army was dominant, racing and winning both the Saorstát Cup and Éireann Cup races driving an Alfa Romeo to claim the inaugural Irish Grand Prix. In the Saorstát Cup race his victory margin was over a minute ahead of Sammy Davis (Lea-Francis), finishing in a time of 3h:41m:30s. In the Éireann Cup race it was a much closer battle between Ivanowski's Alfa Romeo and England's Glen Kidston (Bentley), with the Russian completing the 300 mile race distance in a time of 3h:40m:54s, only 14 seconds ahead of Kidston in second place, followed by Henry Birkin (Bentley) in third.

In 1930 Germany's Rudolf Caracciola dominated in the Éireann Cup race to claim the Irish Grand Prix for Mercedes. By 1931 the entry of the two races looked markedly different, with smaller cars racing in the Saorstát Cup and larger cars racing in the Éireann Cup.

Winners of the Irish International Grand Prix Races[edit]

Year Circuit Race Driver Constructor
1929 Phoenix Park Saorstát Cup Boris Ivanowski Alfa Romeo 6C
Éireann Cup Boris Ivanowski Alfa Romeo 6C
Irish Grand Prix Boris Ivanowski Alfa Romeo 6C
1930 Phoenix Park Saorstát Cup Victor Gillow Riley 9 Brooklands
Éireann Cup Rudolf Caracciola Mercedes SSK
Irish Grand Prix Rudolf Caracciola Mercedes SSK
1931 Phoenix Park Saorstát Cup Norman Black MG Midget
Éireann Cup Henry Birkin Alfa Romeo 8C
Irish Grand Prix Norman Black MG Midget


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