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Isao Nakauchi (中内 功, born August 2, 1922 in Osaka, Japan; died September 19, 2005) was the founder of Daiei.

Life and career[edit]

Isao Nakauchi served in the Philippines as an infantryman during World War II, his business empire started in Osaka 1957 and it led to the creation of "American-style" supermarkets in Japan. In 1972 he led the biggest retailer in Japan, one that owned a store in Hawaii and a baseball team;[1] the 1980s proved more difficult for the business as its competition and debts increased. He stepped down in 2002[2] and in 2004 he sold his stocks in the company.[3] In 2005, he died of a stroke according to The University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences in Kobe, which he had founded.[4]

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