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The Ishq-Nuri Tariqa or Ishq-Nuri Sufi Order, is a branch or offshoot of the famous, and much older Chistiyya Sufi mystical teaching order, or system[1]


The Order was founded by the Chishti Sufi sage and shaykh (master/teacher) Khwaja Khalid Mahmood Siddiqui al-Chishti in the late 1960s[2] in the city of Lahore, Pakistan. The founder was a sage initiated originally in the Chishti-Nizami section of the traditional Chishti Order, who felt that a more modern, and 'contemporaneous expression' of the teachings of this system was needed.[3] The Ishq-Nuri order sought to make Ishq—Divine Love—as its essential teaching basis[4] and in this, reflected many of the ideas of earlier Sufi sages and saints like Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti and Baba Farid[5] as well as other universal Sufis masters such as Rumi, Hakim Sanai and others.[6] A broad, universal love and thankfulness, remains one of the key tenets of the order's teaching.[7]


The Ishq-Nuri continue to practice on a small scale within South Asia only, mostly within Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.[8] It is believed that some people in Europe and parts of the Middle East are now also starting to follow this order [9]

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