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Village buildings, Jerusalem

Israel Goldstein Youth Village, known in Hebrew as the Havat HaNoar HaTzioni (Hebrew: חוות הנוער הציוני‎), is a youth village and high school in Jerusalem, Israel.

Havat HaNoar HaTzioni was established in 1949 as a home for 40 Jewish orphans who lost their families in the Holocaust. It was named for Israel Goldstein, a prominent rabbi and Zionist leader. Today the school has 400 students, many of them new immigrants.[1]

In the summers, Havat HaNoar HaTzioni is one of the home bases of the Ramah Israel Seminar, a program affiliated with Camp Ramah, a network of Jewish summer camps in North America.[2]


Jerusalem American International School is located in the youth village.[3]

The Lycée Havat-Hanoar-Hatsioni, a French international school, is affiliated with the youth village.

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