It's Raining (Rain song)

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"It's Raining"
Rain single itsraining.jpg
Single by Rain
from the album It's Raining
LabelPoibos Co. Ltd
Producer(s)JYP Entertainment
Rain singles chronology
"You Already Knew"
"It's Raining"
"I Do"

"It's Raining" is a Korean language song, and the first single from the third album, by Korean R&B singer, Rain.

"It's Raining" first hit airwaves in September 2004 (a month before the album, It's Raining), and was met with a positive response. The single went straight to the number one position in South Korea; the single and its album launched Rain as an international artist throughout Asia in 2005. Both reached number one in several places, including Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, China, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

With this single, Rain presented a brand-new image to his fans, and explored a more upbeat, hip-hop influenced sound. In an attempt to attract a larger international audience, he changed his name from Bi (meaning ‘rain’ in Korean) to its English form, Rain; this was also Rain's first single with an English name, rather than a Korean one. The single eventually made its way to the MTV studios in 2006, its video was played periodically on MTV (USA) to promote Rain’s first ever US concert, Rainy Day, in Madison Square Garden.


The song begins:

"다시 올라선 무대 조명이 날 비추면 난 조금씩, 사람들의 함성이 나의 이름을 불러주면 난 조금씩"
"Dasi ollaseon mudae jomyeong-i nal bichumyeon nan jogeumssig, salamdeul-ui hamseong-i naui ileum-eul bulleojumyeon nan jogeumssig"

After this the backing singers sing "(rain go rain it's raining it's raining)".

Music video[edit]

In the music video for "It's Raining", Rain is delivered to a night club for a live performance by his entourage, bringing some life to the previously dull atmosphere. Towards the end of the song, rain starts to pour from the ceiling. Parts of the video appear to have been shot in front of fans. On the music video, instead of the woman saying "Rain, Go Rain!, It's Raining, It's Raining", you would hear Rain saying the side verse.

Korean promo single[edit]

A commercial single of It’s Raining was never released. However, promos were sent out to TV and radio stations containing one track, It's Raining [Radio Edit].


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