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Marija Ulitina

Marija Viktorivna Ulitina is a badminton player from Ukraine and the National Champion of Ukraine. She represented Ukraine in the 2016 Summer Olympics and proceeded to the knockout round after defeating the former world number one Saina Nehwal of India and Lohaynny Vicente of Brazil in the group stage. Women's singles Women's doubles BWF International Challenge tournament BWF International Series tournament BWF Future Series tournament Ukrainian National Badminton Championships Maria Ulitina at Maria Ulitina at the International Olympic Committee Mariya Ulitina at Olympics at


Muir Hill Ltd was a general engineering company based at Old Trafford, England. It was established in the early 1920s and was significant in the production of simple rail locomotives, high horse power tractors and post Second World War dumpers. Muir Hill products included basic petrol engined locomotives for narrow gauge; the early locos were little more than a Fordson tractor skid mounted on a rail chassis, with a chain connecting the rear axle of the tractor to the rail wheels. Production of locomotives did not continue beyond the 1930s. Muir-Hill moved on to producing dumpers based on Fordson tractor skid units, they built forklifts based on a tractor skid unit for a period before other manufacturers entered the market with better machines, built some of the earlier articulated dumpers that evolved into the modern ADT. Muir-Hill moved into tractor production which continued until the 1980s; the company name and manufacturing rights transferred hands a number of times, first to E. Boydell and Co Winget Babcock & Wilcox Aveling-Barford to Lloyd Loaders,Muir-Hill tractors have survived longer than comparable models, a number have been subject to restoration.

Threlkeld Quarry Museum holds examples of Muir Hill equipment. The Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway has two examples. Users of Muir Hill locomotives included the slate quarries of Blaenau Ffestiniog; this 4wPM locomotive of around 20 hp was constructed by Muir Hill Ltd in about 1922. It came to the FR on loan from the Aluminium Corporation's Cowlyd Reservoir Railway near Dolgarrog, arriving at Blaenau Ffestiniog on 9 April 1924; the loan was arranged by Henry Joseph Jack, who at the time controlled the WHR and FR and believed that a fleet of these units could provide cost-effective haulage for most purposes. Based on a Fordson tractor, the Muir Hill had three speeds in forward but only one in reverse. Trials were conducted in early May, it performed about as well as could have been reasonably expected, being able to pull'an ordinary guards van' from Beddgelert to South Snowdon. In May it was tried to power the machinery at Boston Lodge. In a further trial it ran well from Blaenau Ffestiniog to South Snowdon with a small van but could only return to Beddgelert at 2¼ mph because of its inadequate reverse gearing.

These poor results were reported to the Board in June and the unit returned to Dolgarrog in August 1924. The company's four-wheel-drive tractors with equal sized wheels by fitting a driven front axle running from output from a sandwich plate between the gearbox and rear axle casings; because of the size of the axle this meant the whole tractor was raised from standard height. However the traction gains were considerable and Muir-Hills have been and are used for heavy draught applications. Webb, Brian. ISBN 1903366429 Bradley, Vic "Industrial Railways of North Wales" Colonel Stephens Railway Museum web site Media related to Muir-Hill tractors at Wikimedia Commons Muir-Hill Website Official Muir-Hill Website Clevedon & Portishead Railway - used a Muir hill locomotive. Book featuring Muir Hill tractors

Kafa Al-Zou'bi

Kafa Al-Zou'bi is a Jordanian author. Her novel Cold White Sun was shortlisted for the International Prize for Arabic Fiction in 2019. Kafa Al-Zou ` bi was born in 1965 in Jordan, she graduated from Ramtha Secondary School for Girls in 1984. She earned a B. Sc. in civil engineering from Leningrad State University in 1992. She lived in St. Petersburg, Russia for a substantial period of time, experiencing the end of the Soviet Union, she left Saint Petersburg in 2006, now lives in Amman, where she works as a journalist as well as a novelist, though she maintains strong ties to both cities. Al-Zou'bi has written six novels, five in Arabic and one in Russian. Al-Zou'bi's novels are interested in Arab intellectual life and existentialism. سقف من طين‎. Damascus: Arab Writers Union, 2000. ليلى والثلج ولودميلا‎ "Laila, the Snow and Ludmilla")). Beirut: The Arab Institute for Studies and Publishing, 2007. Published in Russian, Moscow: Admarginen, 2010. Go Back Home, published only in Russian. Moscow, 2009. ‏ابن الحرام‎.

Damascus and Beirut: Dār al-Takwīn, 2012. ‏‏س‎. Damascus: Dār al-Takwīn, 2014. شمس بيضاء باردة‎. Beirut: Dar al-Adab, 2018; the novels S and Laila, the Snow and Ludmilla were the subject of a symposium debate between translator Alexander Habash and the novelist Faten Al-Murr at the 2015 Beirut International Book Fair. The discussion focused on interpreting the two novels as feminist texts; the literary critic Ali Hassan Al-Fawaz responded with an article rejecting the premise, describing Al-Zou'bi's writing as transcending simple political interpretations. Cold White Sun was shortlisted for the International Prize for Arabic Fiction in 2019; as a shortlisted book, it was one of 6 titles selected from 134 candidates. Being shortlisted comes with a prize of $10,000. Despite this international success, the novel faced censorship in Jordan. In February 2018, the Media Commission forbade circulation of the novel within Jordan and asked distributors to re-export any copies they had in their possession; the Commission declined to give a specific reason for the ban.

The novel is about a young intellectual. Much of the book takes the form of the diary of an old man, the prior occupant of his windowless room; this narrative raises existential questions about eternity and futility, the suppression of Arab intellectual culture. The literary critic Walid Abu Bakr described the novel as a combination of the myth of Enkidu in the Epic of Gilgamesh and the myth Sisyphus, contrasting heroic and absurd models of eternity. Issue 66 of Banipal, the Magazine of Modern Arab Literature takes Al-Zou'bi as its featured author, with an essay on her literary influences, an excerpt of Cold White Sun translated into English, a review of the novel; this excerpt is the only writing by Al-Zou'bi available in English, as of 2019

Krefeld-Linn station

Krefeld-Linn station is a regional station in the district of Linn in the city of Krefeld in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It lies on the Osterath–Essen railway; the line was opened with the stations not yet finished. Linn station was opened on 15 October 1874 and the first entrance building was put into operation at this time; the station name was changed to Crefeld-Linn in 1905 and Krefeld-Linn in 1925. This name still applies today. A new entrance building opened in Linn in 1907, still preserved, it is in a stage of advanced decay. The station is only served by regional services. A tram line stops at Krefeld-Linn station, it is operated by SWK Mobil. The following bus routes stop at Krefeld-Linn station, they are operated by SWK Mobil

Shock of the Hour

Shock of the Hour is the debut album by rapper MC Ren, released November 16, 1993, on Ruthless Records and distributed by Relativity Records. After the success of his debut EP Kizz My Black Azz, a following album was promised for an early 1993 release; the EP, which had gone platinum after two months, was released as a promotion for the upcoming album, to be titled Life Sentence. However, in the middle of the recording of the Life Sentence album, MC Ren joined the Nation of Islam and converted to Islam with the help of his DJ and friend DJ Train. With a different outlook on the world, MC Ren scrapped the Life Sentence album, changing the name to Shock of the Hour and started to record new songs for the album. However, he kept some recorded songs and used them for the first half of the album, while the second half contained songs recorded after he converted to Islam, resulting in thematic differences between the albums' halves, not unlike Ice Cube's 1991 album Death Certificate; the first half were songs recorded.

This half deals with social issues like ghetto life, drug addiction and poverty. The lead single, "Same Old Shit", strips away any pretense of glamour around the gangsta lifestyle and outlines the brutality and violence at its core; the second single, "Fuck What Ya Heard", tells people not to listen to rumors and to be critical on what they hear. Featured on the album is "One False Move", a diss track aimed at Tweedy Bird Loc; the second half kicks off with "Mayday On The Frontline", which appeared on the soundtrack for the film CB4. "Attack on Babylon" prophesies a judgment day for modern America in which the races will be called to war in armed combat, while the title track foresees the nation's fiery end in an apocalyptic fury enabling black people to achieve justice. "Do You Believe" questions black Christianity considering black history and everything that has happened. It questions interracial relationships; the majority of the album's production was handled by Dr. Jam. Other producers like Rhythum D and Madness 4 Real produced one song each.

Tootie, the brother of DJ Train, produced six tracks, while Dr. Jam produced four tracks; the producers managed to create an interesting musical backdrop for Ren's dark verses, operating independent of Dr. Dre's g-funk sound, taking over the West Coast in ‘93; the album moves at a steady midtempo funk with rumbling rough percussion and whiny synths. It's effective in that it's a dark and powerful sound, but it's somewhat faceless and industrial-sounding; the beats are focused to the point that a few sound too similar, but overall it is a memorable listen from a musical standpoint. The title of the album is a reference made to a speech by Nation of Islam minister Louis Farrakhan called "The Shock of the Hour". Two singles were released from the album: "Same Ol' Shit" and "Fuck What Ya Heard". "Same Ol' Shit was produced by Tootie. It peaked at number ninety on the Billboard Hot 100, number sixty-two on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks and number eleven Hot Rap Singles. "Same Ol' Shit" became MC Ren's most successful single chart-wise by making it to #90 on the Billboard Hot 100, his only single to make it to that chart.

"Fuck What Ya Heard" was released as the second single on April 26, 1994 and was produced by Dr. Jam; the single did not enter any chart. Upon its release, Shock of the Hour was met with positive reviews from music critics; the album peaked number one on Billboard R&B and twenty-two on the Billboard 200 chart, with a first-month sales of 321,000 copies in the United States. It was certified gold by RIAA. According to MC Ren the album has sold 1 million copies as of January 2005. List of number-one R&B albums of 1993