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Jóannes Eidesgaard

Jóannes Dan Eidesgaard is a former Faroese politician. He was the Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands from 2004, starting shortly after the general election of 20 January 2004, until 26 September 2008, when a new coalition took office, he served as Finance Minister from 1996 to 1998 and again from 2008 to 2011. He was a member of the Danish Folketing representing the Faroe Islands from 11 March 1998 until 20 November 2001. Jóannes Eidesgaard was born on 19 April 1951, in Tvøroyri on the island of Suðuroy, where he became a senior-school teacher. Eidesgaard was first elected to the Løgting, the Faroese parliament, in 1990. Between 1991 and 1996 he was a Minister under different coalition governments, from 1994 to 1996 he became Deputy Prime Minister. In 1996 Eidesgaard became Party Chairman of the Javnaðarflokkurin. In 1998, up until 2001, Eidesgaard was one of the two Faroese delegates in the Parliament of Denmark. On 3 February 2004 Jóannes Eidesgaard was elected Prime Minister and therefore became head of the government in the Faroe Islands.

He led a coalition government between the Unionist Party, the People’s Party and the Social Democratic Party. After the 2008 elections, he led a centre-left separatist government consisting of his Social Democratic Party, the pro-independence Republic and the Centre Party. In September the coalition burst, a new coalition between Unionist Party, the People’s Party and the Social Democratic Party was re-established on 24 September; as a result of the ongoing debates about who should be the new Prime Minister, Jóannes Eidesgaard decided to step down as Prime Minister to allow Kaj Leo Johannesen of the Unionist Party to assume that office as a compromise. Kaj Leo Johannesen assumed the office on 26 September. On 30 September 2008 shortly after making the 2009 Faroese budget public, Jóannes Eidesgaard was admitted to hospital after feeling chest pains, he recovered and continued his political work. Homepage of the Faroese Government Homepage of the Faroese Government Føroya Javnaðarflokkurin

Hits Volume 1

Hits Volume 1 is the debut studio album by American musical group The Piano Guys. It was self-released in December 2011 as a means to distribute high quality audio recordings of their most popular YouTube videos at the time. Many of the songs have since been re-released on The Piano Guys and The Piano Guys 2; the final two tracks are listed as only available on the Limited Founder's Edition, but following The Piano Guys' record deal with Sony Masterworks, no other version of the album was released. Notes Per liner notes The Piano GuysSteven Sharp Nelson – Cello Guy Jon Schmidt – Piano Guy Al van der Beek – Music Guy Paul Anderson – "The" Guy Tel Stewart – Video Guy Shaye Scott – Video GuyAdditional musiciansJulie Nelson, Catherine Bohman, Alyssa Powers, Amy Talbot – Choir on "O Fortuna"

Mid-West Family Broadcasting

Mid-West Family Broadcasting is an independently owned broadcasting company based in Madison, Wisconsin. The company owns and manages radio stations in Madison, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, La Crosse, Benton Harbor/St. Joseph, South Bend/Elkhart, Springfield, Springfield and Rockford, Illinois. In 2013 Mid-West Family purchased the Maverick stations in Rockford and Eau Claire, Wisconsin; this added 11 stations starting May 1, 2013 with an LMA. On November 2, 2015, Gray Television agreed to sell the WSBT radio group to Mid-West Family when the deal to acquire the television and radio assets of Schurz Communications closes; this will add four stations in the Michiana area to Mid-West's lineup. DeKalb, Illinois WDKB - 94.9 FM - Hot Adult ContemporaryEau Claire, Wisconsin WAYY - 790 AM / 105.1 FM - News/sports WEAQ - 1150 AM / 95.9 FM - Rhythmic Top 40 WECL - 92.9 FM - Active rock WIAL - 94.1 FM - Hot AC WISM - 98.1 FM - Classic Hits WAXX - 104.5 FM - CountryMadison, Wisconsin WLMV - 1480 AM - Latin pop WHIT - 1550 AM - Classic Country WOZN - 1670 AM - sports talk WJQM - 93.1 FM - Rhythmic top 40 WJJO - 94.1 FM - Active rock WMGN - 98.1 FM - Adult contemporary WWQM-FM - 106.3 FM - Country music WRIS-FM - 106.7 FM - Alternative rockLa Crosse, Wisconsin WKTY - 580 AM - Sports WIZM - 1410 AM - News/talk WIZM-FM - 93.3 FM - Top 40/CHR KCLH - 94.7 FM - Classic hits WRQT - 95.7 FM - Active rock KQYB - 98.3 FM - CountrySt.

Joseph/Benton Harbor/South Haven, Michigan WSJM - 1400 AM - Sports WSJM-FM - 94.9 FM - News/talk WYTZ - 97.5 FM - Country WCXT - 98.3 FM - Hot adult contemporary/Hot AC WCSY-FM - 103.7 FM - SuperHits WIRX - 107.1 FM - Mainstream rock WQLQ-HD2 / W239CJ - 99.9 HD-2 / 95.7 FM - "The Lake" Classic RockSouth Bend, Indiana/Elkhart, Indiana WSBT - 96.1 FM & 960 AM - News/talk/sports WNSN - 101.5 FM - Adult contemporary WZOC - 94.3 FM - Classic hits WQLQ - 99.9 FM - Top 40/CHRSpringfield, Illinois WMAY - 970 AM - News/talk WUSW - 92.7 FM - Active rock WQLZ - 97.7 FM - AAA WNNS-FM - 98.7 FM - Adult contemporary/ACSpringfield, Missouri KOSP - 92.9 FM - Rhythmic top 40 KQRA - 102.1 FM - Modern rock KKLH - 104.7 FM - Classic rock KOMG - 105.1 FM - Classic countryRockford, Illinois WRTB - "The Bull" - 95.3 FM - Country W263BJ - "The Mighty" 100.5 FM - Classic hits WGFB - 103.1 FM - Adult contemporary/AC WXRX - 104.9 FM - Active rock WNTA - "La Movida" - 1330 AM - Spanish/news talk Corporate website

T 931/95

T 931/95 known as Pension Benefit Systems Partnership, is a decision of a Technical Board of Appeal of the European Patent Office, issued on September 8, 2000. At the time, it was a landmark decision for interpreting Article 52 and of the European Patent Convention but has now been superseded by the decisions in T 641/00 and T 258/03, it stated that having a technical character is an implicit requirement of the EPC to be met by an invention in order to be patentable. In other words, the technical character requirement is inherent to the notion "invention" in Article 52, it confirmed that methods only involving economic concepts and practices of doing business, or methods for doing business as such, are not inventions within the meaning of Article 52 EPC, are therefore not patentable. In 2001, decision T 931/95, along with decision T 769/92, were considered the most relevant cases from the EPO Boards of Appeal regarding business methods; the Board of Appeal first drew a distinction between a method for doing business as such, excluded under Article 52 EPC, a method for doing business having a technical character.

The mere fact that data processing and computing means, i.e. technical means, are recited in a method claim does not confer a technical character to the claimed method. In other words, "technical means for a purely nontechnical purpose and/or for processing purely nontechnical information does not confer technical character". In contrast, regarding an apparatus claim, the Board stated that a computer system suitably programmed for use in a particular field if, the field of business and economy, has the character of a concrete apparatus in the sense of a physical entity, man-made for a utilitarian purpose and is thus an invention within the meaning of Article 52 EPC; this distinction of treatment between methods and apparatuses is justified by the mention of "method" but not apparatus in the exclusion of Art. 52 EPC. The recent decision T 258/03 does not make this distinction between method and apparatus claims anymore. Regarding the fact that the meaning of the term "technical" or "technical character" may not be clear, the Board stated this applied to the term "invention".

" he fact that the exact meaning of a term may be disputed does in itself not constitute a good reason for not using that term as a criterion not in the absence of a better term: case law may clarify the issue."The Board rejected the so-called "contribution approach", which consists in distinguishing between "new features" of an invention and features of that invention which are known from the prior art when examining whether the invention concerned may be considered to be an invention within the meaning of Art. 52 EPC. Although the claim under examination was found to meet Art. 52 EPC requirement, the claim was considered to lack inventive step. The improvement put forward by the invention belonged to the field of economy and could not therefore contribute to inventive step. Software patents under the European Patent Convention List of decisions of the EPO Boards of Appeal relating to Article 52 and EPC Decision T 931/95 on the "EPO boards of appeal decisions" section of the EPO web site ECLI:EP:BA:2000:T093195.20000908

Catocala nymphaea

Catocala nymphaea is a species of moth of the family Erebidae. It was described by Eugenius Johann Christoph Esper in 1787, it is found in southern France, Albania, Italy, Corsica, Crete, North Africa, Anatolia and Kashmir. The wingspan is 54–62 millimetres. Adults are on wing from July to August depending on the location; the larvae feed on Quercus ilex. Catocala nymphaea nymphaea Catocala nymphaea kabuli Catocala nymphaea kashmirica Catocala nymphaea parigilensis Savela, Markku. "Catocala nymphaea". Lepidoptera and Some Other Life Forms. Retrieved 15 January 2018.

Fiona Lazareff

Fiona Scott Lazareff is an activist and has created various campaigns to support social justice and women's entrepreneurship in technology. Lazareff began her career working as an economist for Carr Sebag where she launched “International Strategy” a monthly newsletter on international asset management in 1980. In 1981 she moved to Hong Kong to work for WI Carr and Hoare Govett as a financial analyst and in 1982 she moved to New York to work for Samuel Montagu, she moved to Paris where she raised €650,000 from financial institutions to create Mediatime France SA, to launch several publications including, in 1990, the English-language lifestyle magazine Boulevard. She co-founded the Crillon Debutantes Ball, a fashion show in which young aristocratic women appeared. Lazareff is editor-in-chief and majority shareholder of, a website devoted to European culture launched by Vivendi Universal in 2001. Lazareff started campaigning in 2019 reform of the legal system in Wales. Having had first hand experience in the courts as a litigant in person, she launched Right2Justice to expose the problems that LIPs face and to propose ways of equalising the playing field.

In December 2016 Lazareff lost her son, Nicolas in Moscow when he was drugged and robbed and dumped in a remote suburb of the city. It was -15° and he died of hypothermia; the Lazareff family claimed they were offered no help form the British Embassy in Moscow or in London in their search for Nicolas. Lazareff started a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of the IMEI on mobile devices, both from the point of view of finding people who go missing and wiping out crime associated with the theft of mobile devices. Lazareff was on the Committee of the University Women's Club, in March 2014 she launched their Techpreneurs Awards to encourage women to found internet or tech-related start ups, as well as to recognise the work of women who have made a career in technology; the first groups of awards was in 2014, subsequent ones in 2015, 2018, 2019