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Józef Dominik (10 March 1894, Dobczyce - 10 September 1920, Krasne) was a Polish chess master.

Born in Dobczyce (western Galicia), he was educated in Crakow (Kraków, then Austria-Hungary). In his short chess career, he took 3rd at Crakow 1913 (Adolf Hauke won), took 2nd, behind Alexander Flamberg at Cracow 1914,[1] took 2nd at Mannheim 1914 (Hauptturnier B, Rudniev won).[2]

Dominik won at Vienna 1915 (Quadrangular), won at Cracow 1918,[3] and took 5th at Warsaw 1919 (Zdzisław Belsitzmann won).[4]

He died after a battle of Krasne (eastern Galicia) during the Polish-Soviet War in 1920.


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