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J-game album cover.png
Standard edition artwork
Studio album by Jolin Tsai
Released April 25, 2005
Recorded 2005
Studio M.E Studio
Genre Pop
Length 38:43
Language Chinese
Label Sony BMG
Producer Jamie Hsueh, Jack Chou, Bing Wang, Adia
Jolin Tsai chronology
J1 Live Concert
(2005)J1 Live Concert2005
Jolin Tsai studio album chronology
(2004) Castle2004
(2005) J-Game2005
Dancing Diva
(2006) Dancing Diva2006

J-Game is the seventh studio album by Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai. It was released on 25 April 2005, by Sony BMG Taiwan.[1] Brimming with hip-hop, oldschool and disco music, the album is filled with astounding tunes in different styles.[2] The album was proved to be such a hit with audiences that it sold 1 million copies in just over a month.[3] It has finally sold more than 2 million copies in Asia,[4] with more than 260,000 copies in Taiwan alone,[5] and made Tsai the best-selling female singer of the year in Taiwan.[5] The fourth track, "Sky", reached number 2 on the Hit FM Top 100 Singles of the Year.[6] The title track, "J-Game", which is an up-tempo and playful song that listeners will get addicted to, reached number 26 on the chart.[6] The album earned Tsai an MTV Asia Award nomination for Favorite Artist Taiwan.[7]

Track listing[edit]

J-Game – Standard edition
1."Intro"  Jamie Hsueh, Jack Chou0:42
2."J-Game" (野蠻遊戲)Issac ChenJonas Nordelius, Andreas Levander, Awa MannehBing Wang3:51
3."Greek Girl by the Wishing Fountain" (許願池的希臘少女)Alang HuangIvana WongJamie Hsueh3:09
4."Sky" (天空)Wesley Chia, Kiki HuWesley ChiaAdia4:37
5."Overlooking Purposely" (睜一隻眼閉一隻眼)Sunny Lee, Francis LeeMads Hauge, Vincent DeGiorgioJamie Hsueh2:58
6."Repeated Note" (反覆記號)Jolin TsaiJamie HsuehJamie Hsueh4:24
7."Sweet and Sour" (酸甜)Francis LeeJamie HsuehJamie Hsueh4:29
8."Oh Oh"Issac ChenJonas Nordelius, Andreas Levander, Jeanette Margareta OlssonJack Chou3:09
9."Exclusive Myth" (獨佔神話)Issac ChenWang LeehomJack Chou4:10
10."Killing Cupid" (追殺邱比特)Jack ChouEdward Chan, Charles LeeJamie Hsueh3:19
11."Missing You" (好想你)Francis LeeLim Seong GimJamie Hsueh3:55
Total length:38:43


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