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JC Lattès is a French publishing house.


JC Lattès was founded in 1968 as Edition Speciale by Jean-Claude Lattès and Jacques Lanzmann. Lattès took it over in 1972, renamed it Editions Jean-Claude Lattès, and ran it until 1981. JC Lattès currently has a catalog of more than 1000 titles. Its major successes include:

  • Le Sac de billes (A Bag of Marbles) by Joseph Joffo
  • Le Vent du soir (The Wind in the Evening) by Jean d'Ormesson
  • Le Nabab (The Nabob) by Irene Frain
  • Leon l'Africain (Leo Africanus) by Amin Maalouf
  • The Red Scarves
  • The Officers
  • Geisha[1]

Over the years, JC Lattès has published general-interest books by French and foreign authors, including both fiction and non-fiction.[1] Its authors have included Scott Turow, Dean Koontz, James Patterson, Jean-François Parot, Jean d'Aillon, Ake Edwardson, Lars Christensen Saabye, and Karin Fossum.[1]


Some of the company's success stories include the discovery of Dan Brown, author of:

  • The Da Vinci Code
  • Angels and Demons
  • Deception Point
  • Digital Fortress

Notable novels in French[edit]


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