Jagged Edge (Gary Numan album)

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Jagged Edge
Jagged Edge Cover.jpg
Remix album by
Released17 July 2008
GenreIndustrial rock, dark wave
LabelMortal Records
Gary Numan chronology
Jagged Edge
Dead Moon Falling

Jagged Edge is a 2-disc album of alternate versions and remixes of songs from the album Jagged. When Numan started recording the album Jagged he was to use Andy Gray as the producer, who previously worked on the 2-disc compilation album Hybrid. A version of "Jagged" and work on a track called "Does God Bleed?" (which eventually became "Halo") were the only outcomes from these session with Gray, and he eventually had to leave the project. Numan went back to Pure producers Sulpher to work on the album, and again there were delays caused by the birth of Numan's second daughter and record label politics; because of these events, only six tracks were completed. These tracks were used for Jagged Edge along with new reworkings remixed and produced by the original album co-producer, Ade Fenton; the album was not offered on General release and available through Nuworld the Official Gary Numan website only, and due to this, Jagged Edge becomes the least selling album to date.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Gary Numan.

Disc 1[edit]

  1. "Edge" (Fenton/Numan) – 4:07
  2. "Fold" (Fenton/Numan) – 6:51
  3. "Halo" (Sulpher/Numan) – 4:32
  4. "In A Dark Place (Single Remix)" (Fenton/Numan) – 3:59
  5. "Blind" (Holliday/Young/Numan) – 4:47
  6. "Before You Hate It" (Fenton/Numan) – 5:36
  7. "Haunted" (Sulpher/Numan) – 5:09
  8. "Slave" (Sulpher/Numan) – 5:45
  9. "Melt" (Fenton/Numan) – 4:04

Disc 2[edit]

  1. "Fold" (Holliday/Young/Numan) – 4:35
  2. "Jagged" (Fenton/Numan) – 7:37
  3. "Before You Hate It" (Sulpher/Numan) – 5:49
  4. "Pressure" (Fenton/Numan) – 6:18
  5. "In A Dark Place" (Fenton/Numan) – 6:08
  6. "Melt" (Monti/Numan) – 5:42
  7. "Slave" (Fenton/Numan) – 6:39
  8. "Scanner" (Fenton/Numan) – 5:16