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The Jain symbol that was agreed upon by all Jain sects in 1974.

The Jain community celebrated a presence of 100 years in Singapore marking the occasion by rededicating the "Stanak" and consecrating the idol of Mahavira; this brings together the two main sects of Jains - Svetambara and Digambara. The Singapore Jain Religious Society engages in keeping traditions and practices alive by transmitting Jain principles to the next generation, it also has a strong history of community involvement. The community has no temple, but the Singapore Jain Religious Society has a building at 18 Jalan Yasin.

As of 2006, there are 1,000 Jains in Singapore.[2]


Singapore Jain Religious Society, in Jalan Yasin, Singapore.

Jains have settled in Singapore since the beginning of this century just before or after the first world war (1910 – 1914).[3]

Jain unity[edit]

According to the Singapore Jain Religious Society's constitution, any Jain whether Svetambara or Digambar, speaking any language could become a member and carry out Jain religious activities, keeping to fundamental principles of Jainism.[4]

Singapore Tamil Jains Forum[edit]

Singapore has a huge population of Tamils and thus also has a small community of Tamil Jains; the Tamil Jains in Singapore congregate under the banner of Singapore Tamil Jains Forum. The forum is headed by Dharmanathan Varthamanan.

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