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Jake Peralta
Brooklyn Nine-Nine character
Jake Peralta (S5).png
Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta
First appearance"Pilot"
Created by
Portrayed by
  • Andy Samberg
  • Miles Platt (child)
  • Benjamin Steinberg (teenager)
Full nameJacob Peralta
  • Carl "Mangy Carl" Mangerman
  • Larry Sherbet (WITSEC alias)
  • various undercover identities
NicknameThe Tattler (high school)
OccupationDetective at the New York Police Department's 99th Precinct
  • Roger Peralta (father)
  • Karen Peralta (mother)
Amy Santiago (m. 2018)
Significant other
  • Sophia Perez (ex-girlfriend)
  • Dr. Rossi (ex-lover)
  • Jenny Gildenhorn (childhood love interest)
  • Kate Peralta (half-sister)
  • 2 other unnamed half-sisters
  • Several unnamed half brothers
  • "Nana" (grandmother, deceased)
  • Bob (uncle)
  • Linda (aunt)
  • Victor Santiago (father-in-law)
  • Camila Santiago (mother-in-law)
  • David Santiago (brother-in-law)
  • Tony Santiago (brother-in-law)
  • 5 other unnamed brothers-in-law
  • Ava Jeffords (goddaughter)

Jacob Peralta (born 1981[2]) is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the American television sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine, portrayed by Andy Samberg. He is a detective at the fictional 99th Precinct of the New York Police Department.

In earlier seasons, Jake is seen as a talented and intelligent but childish detective that is always full of shenanigans, until he comes into conflict with the new captain, Raymond Holt, who is determined to change his behavior and attitude, he also possessed some traits of arrogance and cockiness. Nevertheless, he takes his job seriously and whenever he does not catch a perp, he starts being disappointed in himself. In later seasons, Jake starts to treat Holt with utmost reverence and even a father figure, he also starts dating co-worker Amy Santiago, and the two get married at the end of season five. His relationship with Holt and Amy can be attributed to his character development in the later seasons, where although his immaturity retains, he sheds his arrogant personality and is evidently more mature and organized.

Jake often uses humor as a coping mechanism to cover up his feelings. Jake is an avid Die Hard, Taylor Swift, Brooklyn Nets and popular culture enthusiast, and dislikes books, documentaries and classical music, he is also known to have unhealthy eating habits, such as hardly drinking water,[3] and is not a big fan of exercise either.


Jake Peralta was born somewhere between May and June 21, 1981[2][4] to Roger and Karen Peralta; as a child, he was a part of a baseball league team, where his dad was the coach. His dad would bring the team to Sal's Pizza after every game, but his father left his family mid-season. Jake's father was often cheating on his mom, having sex with different women, from Karen's best friend to other pilots in other airport hubs across the country, it was then later revealed in Two Turkeys that Jake has 3 half-sisters, one of them called Kate, who lives in Dallas, and several other half-brothers, due to his father's promiscuous past. Although Roger and Karen eventually got back together, much to Jake's displeasure, the abandonment issues that Jake's dad had burdened him with since young stuck with him and is concomitant to why Jake views Captain Holt, and later Kevin, as father figures. Jake also consequently refuses to celebrate Thanksgiving in earlier seasons, which he associates with his parents' absenteeism.

Jake and Gina Linetti are childhood friends who went to the same elementary school and the two spent a lot of time together in Nana (Jake's grandmother)'s apartment after school while both characters were experiencing parent divorces, and Jake eventually helps Gina find a job at the precinct as a civilian administrator, later on also Captain Holt's personal assistant; when Jake was 13, he had a crush on Jenny Gildenhorn, who broke up with him during his Bar Mitzvah in favor for Eddie Fung. As such, Jake started brewing a hatred for Eddie, and stalked Jenny Gildenhorn for the next few years on the Internet in hopes of a reunion. Jake even knows the name of every person Jenny had dated, including a woman. In Boyle-Linetti Wedding, Jake meets Jenny at the reception and was initially excited to win her over again, but after going to find the wedding ring for the event where he accidentally dropped during a criminal takedown earlier, he comes back to find Jenny kissing a man at the wedding although they just met.

In "The Tattler", it was revealed that while attending high school, Jake became friends with Brandon Bliss, the most popular kid at school. Brandon asked Jake to skip class one day with him and his friends so that they can steal a school van and get inebriated at his parents' cabin, but the day before that happened, someone told on Brandon and he got suspended. Brandon suspected that it was Jake who snitched, and everyone soon called him "The Tattler" at school, which according to him, was a "scarlet letter and ruined my senior year". While attending his high school's 20th reunion, he found out that Gina was the one who snitched on Brandon Bliss, but because Jake's fashion sense and appearance were similar to Gina's (since he copied her), a witness told everyone it was him. Gina says that she did that to protect Jake as he was getting too close to them and if he continues doing so, it will be detrimental for his future and behavior, and he would never had become a detective. Brandon Bliss is revealed to be serving parole and not allowed to leave Delaware, it was also implied that Jake wore a nose ring in high school, until his nose got infected and he almost went blind.

Jake's career path was said to be influenced by Die Hard, and were classmates with Rosa Diaz at the police academy, where they bonded over their hatred of training drills; the duo then created a trust pact, where one of them have to execute 1000 push-ups if proven wrong. Jake started his career as a patrol officer at the 74th Precinct alongside Stevie Schillens and named themselves the "Beatsie Boys". Jake meets Stevie later again in The 9-8, where he was forced to arrest him for illegally planting evidence.

Jake started working as a detective in the 99th Precinct in 2005.


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