Jaluit High School

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Jaluit High School
Jaluit High School is located in Marshall Islands
Jaluit High School
Jaluit High School
Marshall Islands
Coordinates5°55′24″N 169°38′28″E / 5.9232398°N 169.6411479°E / 5.9232398; 169.6411479Coordinates: 5°55′24″N 169°38′28″E / 5.9232398°N 169.6411479°E / 5.9232398; 169.6411479
TypeHigh school
School districtMarshall Islands Public School System

Jaluit High School (JHS) is a secondary school in Jabor, Jaluit Atoll, Marshall Islands. It is a part of the Marshall Islands Public School System.

The school serves the following atolls and islands in the south of the country: Jaluit, Ailinglaplap, Ebon, Jabat, Kili, Namdrik, and Namu.[1]

It has a boarding program for students from distant atolls and islands.[2]


The first phase of the campus was built between the late 1960s to the middle of the 1970s, a period when several other public high schools were built in the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands.[3]

The school, the second public high school in the Marshall Islands, opened in 1975.[4] The South Korean company Hanil built the campus. Initially it served grade 9 only and had 110 students.[5]

In 1999 the Marshall Islands Journal published comments from a parent who criticized the dormitories of Jaluit High.[6]


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