Jamal Mohamed Barrow

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Jamal Mohamed Barrow (Somali: Jamaal Maxamed Barrow, Arabic: جمال محمد بارو‎) is a diplomat from Somalia. He was born to an ethnically Biimaal "War deg deg ah: SAFIIRO MAANTA ansixiyeen golaha Wasiirada loona gudbiyey MADAXWEYNAHA". Waajidpress. 2 April 2015. Retrieved 8 May 2015. </ref> Barrow is the Ambassador of Somalia to South Africa, based at the Somali embassy in Pretoria.[1] Appointed on 2 April 2015, he replaced the late Sayid Hassain Shariif at the position.[2] Mr. Barrow was Somalia's Deputy Foreign Affairs minister between December 2012 and November, 2013.


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