James Gregory Telescope

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James Gregory Telescope
James Gregory telescope.jpg
The James Gregory telescope
Named after James Gregory Edit this on Wikidata
Location(s) St Andrews, United Kingdom Edit this at Wikidata
Coordinates 56°20′14″N 2°48′59″W / 56.33715°N 2.8165°W / 56.33715; -2.8165Coordinates: 56°20′14″N 2°48′59″W / 56.33715°N 2.8165°W / 56.33715; -2.8165 Edit this at Wikidata
Organization University of St Andrews Edit this on Wikidata
Built –1962 Edit this on Wikidata (–1962 Edit this on Wikidata) Edit this at Wikidata
Telescope style Optical telescope
Schmidt–Cassegrain telescope Edit this on Wikidata
Diameter 0.94 m (3 ft 1 in) Edit this at Wikidata
Website observatory.wp.st-andrews.ac.uk Edit this at Wikidata
James Gregory Telescope is located in the United Kingdom
James Gregory Telescope
Location of James Gregory Telescope

The James Gregory Telescope was constructed in 1962 by the University of St Andrews, it is of a Schmidt-Cassegrain design and is fitted with a CCD camera.[1]

The James Gregory Telescope is the largest working optical telescope in the UK and is still used by the School of Physics and Astronomy for research in collaborative projects such as SuperWASP and the study of super massive black holes and their impact on galaxy structure.[2]

The James Gregory Telescope is named after the Scottish mathematician, astronomer and University academic James Gregory, who invented the Gregorian telescope.[3]

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