James Wilson

James Wilson may refer to: James Wilson, signatory of the United States Declaration of Independence James Wilson, UK member of parliament and founder of The Economist magazine James Wilson, member of the Colorado House of Representatives James Wilson, US Representative James Wilson I, US Representative James Wilson II, US Representative, son of James Wilson I James Wilson, English-born Australian politician James Wilson, New Zealand-born Australian politician Sir James Wilson, New Zealand politician and farmer James Wilson James Wilson, US Representative James Wilson, Canadian politician James Wilson, North Irish politician, founder of the Orange Institution James Wilson, British MP for Dudley and Oldham James Wilson, United States Secretary of Agriculture and US Representative from Iowa James Wilson, English-born farmer and political figure in Upper Canada James Charles Wilson, American politician in Texas James Clifton Wilson, US Representative from Texas James Crocket Wilson, Canadian MP from Quebec James F. Wilson, US Senator and Representative from Iowa James Harold Wilson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, 1964–1970 and 1974–1976 James J. Wilson, US Senator from New Jersey James M. Wilson Jr. U.

S. Assistant Secretary of State Sir James Milne Wilson, Australian politician in Tasmania James Phillips Wilson, South Australian Labor politician James Robert Wilson, mayor of Saskatoon and member of the Parliament of Canada James Wilson and politician James Wilson, British general James Wilson, brought the first British missionaries to Tahiti James Wilson, Irish republican convicted for desertion James Wilson, Scottish leader of the Radical War James H. Wilson, general in the United States Army James Wilson, British athlete James Wilson, Australian rules footballer for Geelong James Wilson, American basketball player James Wilson, English darts player James Wilson, Scottish footballer James Wilson, Australian rules footballer for Essendon James Wilson, Scottish footballer James Wilson, Welsh professional footballer with Ipswich Town James Wilson, English professional footballer James Wilson, English footballer James Wilson, New Zealand rugby player James Wilson, founder of St. Albans Stud, Australia James Wilson, British Olympic wrestler James Wilson, founder Bonny Vale Stud, Australia James B.

Wilson, American football player and coach James H. Wilson, American football coach James Wilson, Scottish anatomist James Wilson, American gene therapist James Wilson, Scottish zoologist James Wilson, Irish mathematician James A. Wilson, American mathematician James Arthur Wilson, English physician James G. Wilson and anatomist James Thomas Wilson, British professor of anatomy Sir William James Erasmus Wilson, British surgeon James George Wilson, Scottish surgeon and professor of midwifery James Wilson, British architect in Bath James Wilson, British cinematographer James Wilson, Irish composer James Wilson, American globe maker James Wilson, 18th-century English songwriter James Daniel Wilson, English actor James Keys Wilson, American architect in Ohio Mark Wilson or James Wilson, American magician James Perry Wilson, American painter and architect James Kinnier Wilson, British assyriologist James Q. Wilson, American professor of public policy James Southall Wilson, American author and founder of the Virginia Quarterly Review James Wilson, British theologian and science teacher James Wilson, Irish bishop of Cork James Wilson, Irish Anglican clergyman James Wilson, Irish Anglican clergyman James Hood Wilson, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland in 1895 James Wilson, British civil servant in British India James Wilson, a character on House James Grant Wilson, American soldier and author James Wilson, long-distance motorcyclist and author Jim Wilson

Dominik Diamond

Paul Dominik Diamond, known as Dominik Diamond is a Scottish television and radio presenter and newspaper columnist. He is best known as the original presenter of Channel 4's video gaming programme GamesMaster, as host of The Dominik Diamond Breakfast Show on Xfm Scotland and as a columnist for the Daily Star, he hosted The Dominik Diamond Show Mon-Fri 6-11pm on Q107 in Toronto. After a stint hosting The Dominik Diamond Morning Show on new music station Radio 96.5 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Diamond returned to the Toronto market 31 March 2014, replacing Dean Blundell as host of the morning show on 102.1 The Edge. From September 2015 he has been the Morning Show host on Jack FM in Calgary. Born in Arbroath, Diamond attended Strathallan School in Forgandenny, Perthshire, he went on to study drama at Bristol University attended by Little Britain star David Walliams. Walliams and Diamond were part of a comedy troupe called "David Icke and The Orphans of Jesus", in which they were joined by Simon Pegg.

Walliams and Diamond fell out after Walliams appeared as a guest on Diamond and his friend Kirk Ewing's Paramount show "Dom'n'Kirk's Night O Plenty" - after which Diamond said that Walliams and co-Little Britain star Matt Lucas were "complete arseholes". Diamond has not spoken to Walliams since, yet still refers to him as a "comic genius". Diamond's biggest role on television to date came on Channel 4 computer and video game show Gamesmaster, which ran from 1992-1998; however he was absent during the show's third series, which he attributed to a disagreement with the show's then-sponsors, McDonald's. He went on to present the short-lived BBC Scotland panel show Caledonia McBrains in 2002. In 2006, Diamond filmed Crucify Me. During filming, he took part in the live annual Holy week re-enactment of the crucifixion at San Pedro Cutud. However, he backed down at the last minute, he has appeared on the Discovery Real Time programme, Rubble Trouble, which charts the development of his house extension.

While residing in Brighton from 2002 to 2004, he trained and worked as a bus driver with the local transport company Brighton and Hove Bus Company, recording his thoughts and feelings for a documentary to be shown on UK television Channel 5. To Diamond, many celebrities have worked for Brighton and Hove Bus Company, some of which are named on the front of the city's buses. Diamond's autobiography, Celtic & Me: Confessions From The Jungle, was published in the UK by Black & White Publishing in August 2010; the book is a combination of media memoir and the story of Diamond's life as a fan of Celtic Football Club. In 2015, he became. Diamond launched XFM Scotland with The Dominik Diamond Breakfast Show on Xfm Scotland in January 2006. On 27 June 2007, announced that Diamond had joined Talk 107 to cover a number of programmes over the summer months. From 13 October 2007 Diamond presented the Dominik Diamond Breakfast Club on Talk 107. In January 2008 Dominik took over Talk 107 Drive with Marisa de Andrade.

In April 2008, following a station revamp, the show became known as de Andrade. Diamond left Talk 107. In 2015, Diamond started working for Jack96.9FM in Calgary, AB, Canada but left the show in November 2018. Dominik Diamond on IMDb

Detroit Swing 66/Ping One Down

Detroit Swing 66/Ping One Down is a seven-track EP by British rock band Gomez, released in 2002 on Hut/Virgin Records in Australia. Both Detroit Swing 66 and Ping One Down had been featured on the album In Our Gun. Detroit Swing 66 was played to radio in Australia only. However, Ping One Down had a video made and was released as another double A side single in the UK, together with Sound of Sounds. Sound of Sounds never aired in Australia; the EP’s B-sides are from the UK Gomez single Shot Shot, apart from Click Click, featured on the UK Ping One Down/Sound of Sounds single. The five extra tracks were that year put onto a bonus disc to be repackaged with In Our Gun. All tracks by Gomez "Detroit Swing 66" – 3:57 "Ping One Down" – 3:20 "Silhouettes" – 4:35 "Coltrane" – 3:23 "Air-hostess Song" – 5:09 "Pop Juice" – 4:23 "Click Click" – 2:19 Ian Ballvocals, guitar Ben Ottewell – vocals, guitar Paul Blackburnbass Tom Gray – vocals, keyboards Olly Peacockdrums Detroit Swing 66/Ping One Down at MusicBrainz