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Jan Adams
Born Jan Rudalgo Adams
(1954-04-21) April 21, 1954 (age 63)
Middletown, Ohio, USA
Alma mater University of Michigan
Occupation Surgeon, television personality

Jan Rudalgo Adams (born April 21, 1954) is an American cosmetic surgeon and television presenter.


Adams was born in Middletown, Ohio and graduated from Harvard University and Ohio State, training at the University of Michigan.[1] He is the author of Everything Women of Color Should Know About Cosmetic Surgery, published by St Martin's Press in 2000. He has also appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show.[2]

A source in the records department said Adams completed his academic requirements, but Harvard never handed over a diploma. "He would have received it in March 1977, but due to something he needs to resolve with the school, he didn't get it," the source said.[3]

In 2004, Adams was co-host of Cosmetic Surgery Live, a British television program and Plastic Surgery Before & After on the Discovery Health Channel, and was a co-host on The Other Half, a male-centric syndicated clone of The View during the 2001–02 season.

He was also a contestant on a special celebrity edition of The Weakest Link, he made it the final round but lost to Danny Bayne and Susan McFadden.[4]


Adams was the plastic surgeon who performed breast reduction surgery on Donda West, the mother of rapper Kanye West. Donda West died the day following her surgery, on November 10, 2007. There is speculation as to whether a pre-existing medical condition made it unsafe for her to undergo this procedure.[5] Plastic surgeon Andre Aboolian had advised Donda West not to have surgery because she had higher risk due to a health condition that could lead to a heart attack,[6] the final coroner's report January 10, 2008 said Donda West died of "coronary artery disease and multiple post-operative factors due to or as a consequence of liposuction and mammoplasty."[7] Records also indicate that in 2001, two malpractice lawsuits against Adams ended in judgments of $217,337 and $250,000.[5]

On November 20, 2007, Adams walked off the set of Larry King Live while on the air, taking off his microphone and ear piece, he told Larry King he did not wish to answer any questions, citing a request by the West family for privacy. He said "I have a tremendous amount of love and respect for the West family, they asked me not to go on. And I've said from the very beginning, I don't have a side in this."[8] He returned to Larry King Live on January 22, 2008, stating he was there to "defend himself" rather than discuss the specifics of West's death, he claimed his business had been "almost destroyed" by the publicity surrounding the case, and took responsibility for multiple DUI offenses he had been charged with.[9]

On June 26, 2008, Adams was arrested again for driving under the influence of alcohol and for driving without a license in Solano County, California,[10] he pleaded no contest to one misdemeanor count of driving under the influence on January 7, 2009, and was sentenced to one year in jail.[11] On April 8, 2009, Adams surrendered his California medical license following his multiple convictions for alcohol-related offenses, after an appeals process, Adams' license was reinstated effective March 14, 2013, subject to probationary restrictions.[12] His license was revoked again, effective October 10, 2014, for failing to comply with the terms of his probation.[13]


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