Jan Jacob Schultens

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Jan Jacob Schultens (1716-1788)

Jan Jacob Schultens (19 September 1716 in Franeker – 27 November 1788 in Leiden) was a Dutch orientalist. He was the son of philologist Albert Schultens. In 1742 he obtained his doctorate in theology at Leiden, later serving as a professor of Oriental languages at Herborn (1744–1749),[1] and afterwards succeeded to his fathers chair at Leiden.[2]

Selected publications[edit]

  • De utilitate dialectorum orientalium ad tuendam integritatem cod. hebr, 1742.
  • Oratio de fructibus redundantibus ex penitiore linguarum orientalium cognitione, 1749.
  • Bibliotheca Schultensiana, sive, Catalogus librorum, quos collegit vir clarissimus Johannes Jacobus Schultensius, 1780.[3]
  • "The Albert and Jan Jacob Schultens Manuscript Collection", publisher: Princeton Theological Seminary Library, 1993.[4]


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  • Library of Congress — the source for the Dutch version of his name (listed as John James in the 1911 Britannica)