Janet Dillon

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Janet Marlowe Green Dillon
Kate Collins as Janet Dillon (2007)
All My Children character
Portrayed by Kate Collins (1991–92, 2005–11)
Melody Anderson (1993)
Robin Mattson (1994–2000)
  • 1991–2000
  • 2005–07
  • 2010–11
First appearance May 24, 1991
Last appearance September 23, 2011
Created by Agnes Nixon
Introduced by Felicia Minei Behr
Classification Final, recurring
Other names Janet Marlowe
Janet Green
Natalie Dillon
Jane Cox
Janet from Another Planet
The Crowbar Killer
Residence Oak Haven Sanitarium, Pine Valley, Pennsylvania
Robin Mattson as Janet Dillon (1997)

Janet Green Dillon (née Marlowe) is a fictional character that appeared on the daytime soap opera, All My Children. She is commonly known for terrorizing the residents of Pine Valley, including sister Natalie Marlowe, and the murder of Will Cortlandt. Janet frequently suffers from bouts of psychosis resulting from emotional abuse inflicted upon her since childhood. While experiencing psychosis, she frequently hallucinates two-way conversations with her reflection in the mirror. The hallucination looks as the character did when first introduced; homely with dark hair and glasses. Its responses are consistently critical of Janet and while it does provide her with solutions to current obstacles, the solutions are often illegal and something a reasonable individual wouldn't consider. As a result of her mental illness and erratic behavior, the character was sometimes referred to as "Janet from another Planet".

Janet has had extended periods of sanity. She and her psyche have been studied within scholarly contexts.[1][2][3]

The role was originated in 1991 by Kate Collins, who had also portrayed Janet's sister Natalie on the series since 1985. Collins played both characters until she left All My Children in 1992, and her replacement in the role of Natalie, Melody Anderson, portrayed Janet for one day in 1993. With the character of Natalie being killed off, Robin Mattson played Janet from 1994 to May 9, 2000. After Mattson's tenure, Collins reprised the role several times with each occurrence lasting a couple of months.


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