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Janette Mason is a British jazz pianist, arranger, composer and record producer. Her three albums have each received four-starred reviews in The Guardian[1][2][3] and her second album, Alien Left Hand, was nominated for the Parliamentary Jazz Awards in 2010.[4][5] The film scores she has written include the British dramas Ruby Blue (2008) and The Calling (2009).

Mason grew up in a musical household: her mother, who performed in the Gracie Cole Big Band, played jazz organ and vibraphone.[6]


Album Release date Label Notes
Din and Tonic 6 May 2005[7] Fireball Records Features Mornington Lockett and Lea DeLaria (vocals)
Alien Left Hand 26 January 2009[7] Fireball Records (1481)[7] Features Julian Siegel (saxophone), Tom Arthurs (trumpet) and Lea DeLaria (vocals)[7]
D'Ranged 4 August 2014[8] Fireball Records (FMJP 10004) Features vocalists David McAlmont, Claire Martin, Tatiana LadyMay Mayfield, Vula Malinga and Gwyneth Herbert[4]


  • (with Steve Lodder) Totally Interactive Keyboard Bible (2008)


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