Beneath Oblivion

Beneath Oblivion is a four-piece Cincinnati, Ohio-based doom metal band. Since forming in 2003 they have released a demo in 2004, a full-length album in 2006, a 10" split in 2007, a self-titled 10" EP in 2009, a 7" split and a 2xLP in 2011, they are said to have the loud and heavy elements of sludge American underground, with DIY/punk ideas and touring style. After forming in 2003 Beneath Oblivion went on to record a demo titled'The Melancholy Demo' in 2004 before recording and self-releasing their first album'Existence Without Purpose' on CD in 2006. Sold at shows and through the band the album received worldwide acclaim, garnering positive reviews from as far afield as Russia as well as in their home country. Following the release the band toured extensively, increasing awareness of their music both in the Cincinnati area and nationwide. In 2007 Beneath Oblivion recorded a split LP with Rhode Island band Sin of Angels; the split album was released on the independent label 43rd Parallel and was limited to 500 copies, 150 on green vinyl and 350 on black.

In 2008 they were signed to the Athens, Georgia-based record label The Mylene Sheath. They went on to release their first record for The Mylene Sheath on February 10, 2009. A self-titled 10" record, the album was released on vinyl and limited to 500 copies: 100 clear with white swirl available from the band at shows, 100 black available from The Mylene Sheath web store, 300 pressed in translucent red with white swirl. Both the mail order and show exclusive versions sold out quickly; the record was a substantial step forward from the first album, going beyond the traditional boundaries of doom and sluge metal. The release was supported with a number of shows including a Mylene Sheath showcase with labelmates Gifts From Enola and If These Trees Could Talk; the record received unanimously favorable reviews and catapulted the band into the higher echelons of doom metal groups. As of May 2011, Beneath Oblivion has recorded their forthcoming 2xLP titled'From Man to Dust,' and mastered it with legendary producer/engineer Billy Anderson.

The record due for release sometime in August 2011 again on the Mylene Sheath. Like most releases through the Mylene Sheath, fans can expect elaborate packaging/finish and different colors of vinyl on a gatefold as well as CD and digital release, it is anticipated that the record label will re-release'Existence Without Purpose' sometime in the future but this is unconfirmed.'The Melancholy Demo' - self released'Existence Without Purpose' – self released'Split 10" record w/ Sin of Angels' – 43rd Parallel'One Year of Deprivation/No Man or Deity 10" record' – The Mylene Sheath'Split 7" record w/ Angel Eyes' - The Mylene Sheath'From Man to Dust' - The Mylene Sheath As with the majority of doom metal bands Beneath Oblivion's music is concerned with the darker aspects of the human psyche. They claim the main influences on their music are'struggle, life, isolation and outer turmoil'.'Beneath Oblivion is Cincinnati, Ohio’s finest in doom and futility. Crawling forward, white-knuckled with down-tuned guitar riffs that leave you unnerved and anxious, bass lines that thud hard enough to leave you nauseous, drums that thump one minute in a tribal, trance-inducing cavalcade and the next crashing down with the power of a mountain splitting in two.

And though self-lamenting enough to satisfy anyones deepest wallowing, it challenges you to use your sorrow as a fuel to conquer and persevere.' Interview with Citybeat MagazineSin of Angels' Myspace Review of'Existence Without Purpose' at Hellride Music Review of'Beneath Oblivion' 10" at The Big Takeover Magazine Beneath Oblivion biography and reviews at The Encyclopedia Metallum Beneath Oblivion's page Beneath Oblivion at Discogs Facebook group A live performance of the track'One Year of Deprivation' can be viewed here

John Neville (died 1420)

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