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Jasienica (German: Jasenitz) is a district of Police, Poland, a town in the Pomerania Region. In the High and Late Middle Ages, the village was the site of Jasenitz Abbey, now in ruins.

Police - Jasienica, Gothic church (14th/18th century)
Fragment of ruin of Augustinians' cloister in Police-Jasienica (14th century)
Ulica Piastów

Gunica River and a kayak-way[edit]

In Jasienica there is a confluence of the Gunica - a small river used as a kayak-way from Węgornik through Tanowo, Tatynia and Wieńkowo. Gunica flows into Oder in the north part of the town of Police.

Jasienica Abbey[edit]

An Augustinian abbey existed from the 14th century until its dissolution during the Protestant Reformation, when the abbeys of the Duchy of Pomerania were turned into secular domains of the local dukes. The buildings are now in ruins, each year at the end of August there is Augustinian Fair (Polish: Jarmark Augustiański) organized in the area of ruins of the abbey, with parade residents of the estate in historical costumes, lectures, artistic performances and stalls with traditional products.

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