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Jasienica, Police

Jasienica is a district of Police, Poland, a town in the Pomerania Region. In the High and Late Middle Ages, the village was the site of Jasenitz Abbey, now in ruins. In Jasienica there is a confluence of the Gunica - a small river used as a kayak-way from Węgornik through Tanowo and Wieńkowo. Gunica flows into Oder in the north part of the town of Police. An Augustinian abbey existed from the 14th century until its dissolution during the Protestant Reformation, when the abbeys of the Duchy of Pomerania were turned into secular domains of the local dukes; the buildings are now in ruins. Each year at the end of August there is Augustinian Fair organized in the area of ruins of the abbey, with parade residents of the estate in historical costumes, artistic performances and stalls with traditional products. Hans Modrow, politician Roads: from the centre of Police to Trzebież and Nowe Warpno No. 114 to Tanowo, over Tatynia Main streets in a district: ul. Jasienicka ul. Dworcowa ul. Piastów Szczecin - Police - Trzebież Railway Public transport: bus lines 101, 103, 111 LS "linia samorządowa" Police - Trzebież Police, West Pomeranian Voivodeship Jasienica

Adam de Ireys

Adam de Ireys was an English nobleman, knighted after service during the First Crusade. De Ireys was born in 1070 in the town of Ireys in Dorset, England In 1096, Ireys accompanied Godfrey of Bouillon to Palestine on the First Crusade. In 1099, De Ireys played an active part in the taking of Jerusalem. During combat, de Ireys decapitated a high ranking Saracen with one sword blow, his son Hugh D'Iryshe was born near Jerusalem. For his service in the Crusade, de Ireys was given the right to a Coat of Arms, he became a member of the Knights Hospitaller. De Ireys married Joan Stutville, born in 1074 in Ireys. Stutville died around 1118 in Dorset. Adam de Ireys died in England, in 1117

Ariyittuvazhcha Kovilakam

Ariyittuvazhcha Kovilakam is a building in Mattancherry in the Indian state of Kerala. This building was used to perform the ceremony of Ariyittuvazhcha by the Maharajas of erstwhile Cochin Kingdom; this is a state protected monument declared by Kerala State. The building is in the style of nālukettu, it was constructed of brick and wood and the ceiling is covered with burned mud pieces called "oodu". This building was opened only for the coronation. A cot in the locked room in the cottage, used only during coronation. Ariyittuvazhcha is a coronation ceremony performed by Maharaja of Cochin kingdom; this ceremony began with a procession from the Dutch palace and progress to Ariyittuvazcha Kovilakam. The Maharaja would bathe in the pond. After that the locked room was opened and the Maharaja sat on the cot with an olakkuda; the priests performed. This is called Ariyittuvazhcha. Ari is the Malayalam name of rice. A large crowd witnessed this ceremony and they make kurava when the ceremony is performed.

After coronation, the Maharaja would go opposite to Dutch Palace. He would visit the houses of the Tamil Brahmins to pay obeisance. After this whole ritual the Cochin Kingdom would have a new king

Robert Sandall

Robert Paul Sandall was a British musician, music journalist and radio presenter. He was best known as co-presenter of Late Junction programmes. Sandall was born in Middlesex. In the late 1970s he was a singer and guitarist in London-based punk band Blunt Instrument known as London Zoo, he wrote for Rolling Stone, The Word and GQ magazines. After a brief period at The Daily Telegraph, in 1988 he became the rock critic for The Sunday Times. From 1990 until 2007 he presented, with Mark Russell. After ending on Radio 3 the show moved to Resonance FM in London, where it continued for a further two years under the name Where's the Skill in That?. Sandall presented of the BBC's Late Junction, contributed to BBC Radio 4's Front Row. From 1996 to 2002 he was director of communications at Virgin Records. Sandall was married to Anita Mackie; the couple had Grace. He died after a long battle with prostate cancer. Articles at Rockpages Obituary: The Arts Desk Obituary: The Daily Telegraph Obituary: Music Week

Andrew Preston Peabody

Andrew Preston Peabody was an American clergyman and author. Born in Beverly, Peabody was descended from Lieut. Francis Peabody of St. Albans, who emigrated to Massachusetts in 1635, he learned to read before he was three years old, entered Harvard College at the age of twelve, graduated in 1826, the youngest graduate of Harvard with the single exception of Paul Dudley. In 1833 Peabody became assistant pastor of the South Parish of New Hampshire. In 1853 to 1863 he was editor of the North American Review, he was elected a member of the American Antiquarian Society in 1856. From 1843 to 1885 he served as a trustee of Phillips Exeter Academy. Peabody was preacher to Harvard University and the Plummer professor of Christian morals from 1860 to 1881, was professor emeritus from 1881 until his death in Boston, shortly before his 82nd birthday. A bronze tablet dedicated to his memory is found in Appleton Chapel, Massachusetts; the inscription on the tablet concludes with: "He moved among the teachers and students of Harvard College, wist not that his face shone."

In addition to brief memoirs and articles, Peabody wrote: Christianity the Religion of Nature Lowell Institute Lectures. Works by Andrew Preston Peabody at Project Gutenberg Works by or about Andrew Preston Peabody at Internet Archive Works by Andrew Preston Peabody at Google Books Summary of his career, including acting president of Harvard

Association of Public Treasurers of the United States and Canada

Association of Public Treasurers of the United States and Canada is the professional society of active public treasurers of counties, provinces and special districts in the United States and Canada. It sets ethical standards for the treasury profession in state and local government; the treasurer of a public agency are appointed staff. Public treasurers are responsible for managing the revenue and cash flow of the agency; this officer is responsible for banking, collections of user fees such as utility usage and business licenses, communicating financial performance and forecasts to the community. Members are treasurers of municipalities and other local government agencies, whether elected or appointed, having responsibility for collection, reporting, investment or disbursement of municipal funds. Municipal funding sources are property tax, sales tax, income tax, utility users tax, transient occupancy tax, user fees such as licensing and permit fees. Many Treasurers are elected, are therefore directly accountable to their constituents.

APTUSC offers a Certified Public Finance Administrator certification program. CPFA is a professional post-nominal awarded to a public treasurer who meets standards of education, experience and a stated commitment to a code of ethics. CPFA candidates must exceed requirements in two areas. Certification is designed as a guide for municipal treasurers to become valued administrators in local government. APTUSC has technical and professional committees that deal with issues facing treasurers, their agencies and the public. APTUSC provides web-based technical support resources, educational material and technical publications for its members. APTUSC's annual conferences provide an array of education across many topics and are held annually between various locations; the association conducts workshops to provide training and education on investments, cash management, bond sales, management skills and legislation. The following Code of Ethics, governing the professional conduct of active members of the California Municipal Treasurers Association, sets a standard of conduct in government finance: Purpose - This Code of Professional Ethics ensures a uniform adherence to the Association’s longstanding policies related to legal and professional standards of conduct.

This code informs the public at large as to how the Association approaches matters involving ethics. The principles set forth in this code shall govern the conduct of all members of APTUSC. Fiduciary Responsibility - A member shall exercise prudence and integrity in the management of funds in their custody and in all financial transactions for which they are responsible. Responsibility as Public Officials - A member shall adhere to concepts of effective and efficient local government service being provided by elected and appointed Public Treasurers. A member shall conduct himself or herself at all times in a manner which serves the public interest and maintains the good reputation of the profession. A member shall uphold the letter and spirit of the law and report violations of the law to the appropriate authorities. Professional Development - A member shall observe professional technical standards and continually strive to acquire knowledge and improve levels of competence in Treasury management.

A member shall strive to enhance the competence of colleagues and encourage those seeking to enter the field of Public Treasury. Professional Integrity – Information - A member shall respect and protect privileged information. A member shall conduct government so the public may make informed judgments and hold public officials accountable. A member shall be responsive to inquiries from the public and the media. Professional Relationships - A member shall maintain the highest ideals of honor and objectivity in all professional relationships. Conflict of Interest - A member shall not seek any favor or accept any personal gain which would influence, or appear to influence, objectivity or conduct of official duties. Member Misconduct - The Association shall not accept or condone unethical conduct under any circumstances. A member found by the Board of Directors to be in violation of any provision of this Code of Ethics shall be expelled from membership for a length of time to be determined by the Board and, if the member holds the designation of CPFA, such designation shall be revoked.

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