Javier, Spain

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Javier in Navarre.
The Javier castle, where the Jesuit missionary Francis Xavier was born, has been restored by the Jesuits

Javier (Xavier in Navarro-Aragonese or Xabier in Basque) is a town and municipality located in the province and autonomous community of Navarre, northern Spain, with a population of 112. The name is the Romanized form of the original Etxaberri (Basque for "new house").

It is renowned for being home to the Castle of Xavier, partially demolished in 1516 and later restored, and an attached Basilica, it is the ultimate origin of the given name Xabier/Xavier.

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Coordinates: 42°36′N 1°13′W / 42.600°N 1.217°W / 42.600; -1.217