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Jean-Pierre Mangin (born 26 October 1937) is a French philatelist who specialized in finding error in the design of postage stamps. He wrote a bilingual world guide of Errors on stamps.

Mangin was a member of the French Académie de philatélie between 4 June 1994 and his voted eviction in December 2005, he was president of the European Academy of Philately for a 2000-2007 mandate, but resigned and was evicted there as well.[1] The same happened at the Réal Academia Hispanica de Philatelia.[2]

On 26 October 2007, he became a founding member of the Académie Mondiale de Philatélie, and became its first president.[3]

In the 2000s, he wrote a monthly column in the French magazine L'Écho de la timbrologie about errors on stamps found by the readers.


  • With René Geslin, Le Cycle et la Poste, 1988. About the importance of bicycle in the mail distribution in France and stamps of this thematic collection.
  • Mangin, Jean-Pierre; Mangin, Marie-Alyette (1999). Timbres erronés [Stamp errors]. ISBN 978-2-86814-105-7.

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