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Franz Rudolf Frisching in the uniform of an officer of the Bernese Huntsmen Corps with his Berner Laufhund, painted by Jean Preudhomme in 1785

Jean Preudhomme or Preud'ho(m)me or Prudhomme (baptised on November 23, 1732 in Rolle; buried on July 20, 1795 in La Neuveville) was a Swiss painter. He was a contemporary of the Swiss painters Anton Graff, Johann Jakob Schalch, Angelica Kauffman, Jakob Emanuel Handmann, Johann Caspar Füssli and his son Johann Heinrich Füssli.

Life and work[edit]

Jean Preudhomme was a pupil of the well known painters Jean Baptiste Le Prince and Jean-Baptiste Greuze in Paris. He was a landscapist and an animal painter. However, his speciality was portrait painting. In Switzerland he was very popular with the landed gentry and the patricians in Geneva, Lausanne, Neuchâtel and Berne. In a Swiss publication, published between 1782 and 1786, he was described as a “portraitist à la mode”.[1] Preudhomme's paintings, especially the portraits, are rare on the art market. His portrait of Franz Rudolf Frisching is one of his best known paintings.

Paintings in public collections[edit]

Preudhomme's portrait of Douglas, 8th Duke of Hamilton, on his Grand Tour with his Physician Dr John Moore and the latter's son John, with a view of Geneva in the distance, is in the collection of the National Museums of Scotland.[2] On his Grand Tour the Duke and his companions stayed for two years in Geneva.[3]

A portrait of a Lady is in the collection of the Musée Rath.[1]


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