Jeffries Creek

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Jeffries Creek is a tributary of the Great Pee Dee River in South Carolina. Its headwaters begin just south of Hartsville, South Carolina, it flows through Darlington and Florence counties. The principal significance of this body of water is that it traverses the city of Florence, South Carolina; the creek is a blackwater river that flows from the upper to lower coastal plain in a southeasterly direction.

Jeffries Creek in winter in the city of Florence,SC

There are several recreational uses of Jeffries Creek. Fishing from bridges is commonly seen along the creek. Also, kayaking Jeffries Creek is very enjoyable.

Jeffries Creek is currently being threatened by overdevelopment and pollution in the Florence area.

Coordinates: 34°18′08″N 80°03′24″W / 34.3020955°N 80.0565855°W / 34.3020955; -80.0565855