Jenő Landler

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Jenő Landler
Born (1875-11-23)November 23, 1875
Gelse, Austria-Hungary
(now Hungary)
Died February 25, 1928(1928-02-25) (aged 52)
Cannes, France
Nationality Hungarian
Political party Hungarian Communist Party
Hungarian Social Democratic Party (before 1918)
Parent(s) Adolf Landler
Gizella Spitzer

Jenő Landler (November 23, 1875 – February 25, 1928) was a Jewish-born Hungarian Communist leader. He studied to be a lawyer and was drawn to the Social Democratic Party through his involvement in the ironworker's trade union movement. But he kept moving politically to the left and became a Communist. After the Hungarian Revolution of 1919 he became people's commissar of interior affairs in the new communist government. He was also a commander of the Hungarian Red Army fighting the foreign troops of the interventionists. After the fall of the Hungarian Soviet Republic he emigrated to Austria where he continued to be a leader of the exiled Hungarian communist movement.

Jenő Landler died in 1928 in exile in Cannes. His ashes were brought to Moscow and placed in the Kremlin wall.

Tibor Szamuely, Béla Kun, Jenő Landler. Monument in Budapest.
Political offices
Preceded by
Vince Nagy
People's Commissar of Interior
with Béla Vágó

Succeeded by
Károly Peyer