Jenő Landler

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Jenő Landler
Born (1875-11-23)November 23, 1875
Gelse, Austria-Hungary
(now Hungary)
Died February 25, 1928(1928-02-25) (aged 52)
Cannes, France
Nationality Hungarian
Political party Hungarian Communist Party
Hungarian Social Democratic Party (before 1918)
Parent(s) Adolf Landler
Gizella Spitzer

Jenő Landler (November 23, 1875 – February 25, 1928) was a Hungarian Communist leader of Jewish roots. He studied to be a lawyer and was drawn to the Social Democratic Party through his involvement in the ironworker's trade union movement. But he kept moving politically to the left and became a Communist. After the Hungarian Revolution of 1919 he became people's commissar of interior affairs in the new communist government. He was also a commander of the Hungarian Red Army fighting the foreign troops of the interventionists. After the fall of the Hungarian Soviet Republic he emigrated to Austria where he continued to be a leader of the exiled Hungarian communist movement.

Jenő Landler died in 1928 in exile in Cannes. His ashes were brought to Moscow and placed in the Kremlin wall.

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Tibor Szamuely, Béla Kun, Jenő Landler. Monument in Budapest.
Political offices
Preceded by
Vince Nagy
People's Commissar of Interior
with Béla Vágó

Succeeded by
Károly Peyer