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Jeremy "Norm" Scott is the creator of the comic strip Hsu and Chan that appears in the video game magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly. In addition to the monthly strip, Hsu and Chan also have their own comic book published by Slave Labor Graphics. In 2006, Jeremy started a daily Hsu and Chan webcomic.

In 2006, Jeremy announced his idea for a horror-themed comic book called Spookingtons. However, he later decided against the comic and used the domain name as his new website.

Other comics by Norm include the short-lived Hsu and Chan spin-off, Game Critter Super-Squad!, The Otters, Li'l Norman, Violence Man, The Roadees, and Hillville. Examples of all of Scott's comics were available at his old website, but after his move to Spookingtons, the archives have been erased; when or if the old archives will be reinstated is unknown.


Scott, Norm. (2004). Hsu and Chan: Too Much Adventure. SLG Publishing.

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