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Coordinates: 37°58′22″N 23°44′00″E / 37.9729°N 23.7332°E / 37.9729; 23.7332

Jewish Museum of Greece
Εβραϊκό Μουσείο Ελλάδος
The Jewish Museum of Greece.jpg
The Jewish Museum of Greece
Established 1977
Location Nikis 39,
Athens, Greece
Type Ethnological museum
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Plaque in memory of Mordechai Frizis at the Jewish Museum

The Jewish Museum of Greece (Greek: Εβραϊκό Μουσείο της Ελλάδος) is a museum in Athens, Greece. It was established by Nicholas Stavroulakis in 1977 to preserve the material culture of the Greek Jews.[1]


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