Jeyranbatan reservoir

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Jeyranbatan reservoir
Location Absheron Rayon, Azerbaijan
Coordinates 40°30′24″N 49°41′04″E / 40.50667°N 49.68444°E / 40.50667; 49.68444Coordinates: 40°30′24″N 49°41′04″E / 40.50667°N 49.68444°E / 40.50667; 49.68444
Type reservoir
Primary inflows Samur-Absheron channel
Basin countries Azerbaijan
Max. length 8.74 km (5.43 mi)
Max. width 2.15 km (1.34 mi)
Surface area 13.9 km2 (5.4 sq mi)
Average depth 14.5 m (48 ft)
Max. depth 28.5 m (94 ft)
Water volume 186 million cubic metres (151,000 acre⋅ft)
Shore length1 23.3 km (14.5 mi)
Settlements Baku, Sumgayit, Ceyranbatan
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.

Jeyranbatan reservoir (Azerbaijani: Ceyranbatan su anbarı) is a reservoir in the Absheron Rayon in eastern part of Azerbaijan. It is located between Baku and Sumgayit cities, next to Ceyranbatan settlement 20 km away from Baku.[1][2] In Azerbaijani Jeyranbatan means "the place where the gazelle has drowned" which refers to an ancient legend related to the naming of city of Sumgayit.


The reservoir was built in 1958 in order to provide drinking water to increasing population of Baku and Sumgayit. The overall area is 13.9 km2 (5.4 sq mi),[3][4] volume of reservoir is 186 million m3, 150 million m3 is utilized. Length of the reservoir is 8.74 km (5.43 mi), maximum width is 2.15 km (1.34 mi), the shoreline length is 23.3 km (14.5 mi). The maximum depth of water in the reservoir is 28.5 m (94 ft) with the lowest depth registered at 14.5 m (48 ft). The water surface area is 1,389 ha (13.89 km2). The reservoir gets the water from Samur-Absheron channel which is fed by three inflowing rivers Samurçay, Vəlvələçay and Qudiyalçay. Due to containment of drinking water, a sanitary protection zone was founded around the reservoir in 1960. In 2001, the first sanitary zone was expanded and fenced off for protection of the reservoir lake. The project also included foresting and cleaning of water channels in order to improve the ecology of the lake.[5] The fence is 23 km (14 mi) long. The reservoir also has two sets of big water pumping stations.[6]

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