Jiankang, or Jianye, as it was called, was the capital city of the Eastern Wu, the Jin dynasty and the Southern Dynasties. Its walls are extant ruins in the modern municipal region of Nanjing. Before the Eastern Jin the city was known as Jianye, was the capital of the kingdom of Wu during the Three Kingdoms period. Renamed Jiankang in 313 CE, it served as the capital of the Eastern Jin and Southern Dynasties, following the retreat from the north due to Xiongnu raids, it rivaled Luoyang in terms of population and commerce and at its height in the sixth century was home to around 1 million people. During the rebellion of Hou Jing, Jiankang was captured in 549 CE after a year-long siege that devastated the city, with most of the population killed or starved to death. During the Sui dynasty national reunification it was completely destroyed, was renamed Jiangzhou and Danyang Commandery. Under the Tang dynasty, the city regained the name became Jinling. By the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period it was called Jiangning.

When Zhu Yuanzhang founded the Ming dynasty as the Hongwu Emperor in 1368, he made Jiankang the capital of China, renaming it Nanjing "the Southern Capital". The Tang historian Xu Song, in his work Jiankang Shilu, coined the term "Six Dynasties" as a mnemonic to mark the various regimes which had centred their power on the site: Eastern Wu Jin Liu Song dynasty Southern Qi Liang Chen In the 6th century, Jiankang became the largest city in the world, with a population of more than 1 million people; this was compared to contemporaneous Rome, Constantinople and the devastated Chang'an

Kavita Trust

Kavita Trust is an Indian non-profit organisation, dedicated to Konkani Poetry. Although the Trust began its activities in Dubai in the year 2002, it registered as a Trust in Mangalore, India, in 2007. Sahitya Akademi awardee and Konkani language activist Melvyn Rodrigues is the Founder and first President of Kavita Trust. Trustees are: 1. Melvyn Rodrigues 2. Kishoo Barkur 3. Averyl Rodrigues 4. Andrew L D'Cunha 5. William Pais 6. Victor Mathias Since 2008 every year, the trust confers "Joseph Mathias and Family Poetry Award" to the poets for their commendable contribution to; the award is sponsored by Joseph Mathias of Dubai. List of Awardees: 2019: Guadalupe Dias, Goa 2018: H. M. Pernal, Mangalore 2017: Valerian Alwyn Quadras, Mumbai 2016: Nutan Sakhardande, Goa 2015: M. P. Rodrigues, Mangalore 2014: Iqbal Sayeedi, Bhatkal 2013: Yusuf A. Shaikh, Goa 2012: Rajay Pawar, Goa 2011: Shivananda Shenoy, Kochi 2010: Kashinath Shambha Lolienkar, Goa 2009: Leo D'Souza, Mangalore 2008: Aruna Rao Kundaje, Mumbai James and Shobha Mendonca Endowment Lecture on Poetry is an annual feature.

Eminent poets are invited to share their knowledge and views on various topics related to poetry. So far, the following dignitaries have given the endowment lectures: 2019: K. Satchidanandan 2018: Prabodh Parikh 2017: Sitanshu Yashaschandra 2016: Keki N. Daruwalla 2015: Arundhathi Subramaniam 2014: Jerry Pinto 2013: Ashok Vajpeyi 2012: Gulzar Every year Trust conducts Poetry Writing Competition for Students to foster their poetry skills; this competition is open for students from 6th grade to 10th grade. This competition is in the memory of Late Charles and Theresa Rodrigues, the parents of poet and Sahitya akademi awardee Melvyn Rodrigues; every year, in the month of July, Kavita Trust, sends the intimation to the schools about the details of the competition. This competition has been conducted since 2007; the following table provides the overview of the Competitions held so far, entries received and winners. Every year the trust conducts Poetry Reciting Competition for Youth between ages 15 years to 30 years.

The goal is to popularize konkani poetry among young. This competition is sponsored by Lavita Monterio; the following table provides the overview of the Competitions held so far, number of Youth participated and winners in each year. Every year the trust conducts Poetry Reciting Competition for children from age below 15 years; the award was established by Nelson & Lavina Rodricks in the year 2014, in the memory of Konkani poet Cha. Fra. D'Costa; the following table provides the overview of the Competitions held so far, children participated and winners. Kavita Trust, conducts Kavita Fest / Sambhram, a celebration of Konkani poetry, every year. First such festival was held in 2007. From on, every year, this festival is conducted, at different locations of Kanara region. Kavita Fest 2020 at Ravindra Bhavan, Goa. Kavita Fest 2019 at World Konkani Centre, Mangalore. Kavita Fest 2018 at Bodhi Tree, Mangalore. Kavita Sambhram 2017 at Mangalore. Kavita Fest 2016 at Mangalore. Kavita Fest 2015 at Barkur, Udupi.

Kavita Fest 2014 at Mangalore. Kavita Fest 2013 at Bantwal. Kavita Fest 2012 at Moodubelle. Kavita Fest 2011 at Karkala. Kavita Fest 2010 at Udupi. Kavita Fest 2009 at Shanti Kiran, Mangalore. Kavita Fest 2008 at Mangalore. Kavita Fest 2007 at Mangalore. Many Poets and poetry enthusiasts from Goa, Kerala and other places participate in this event. Kavita Trust has so far published 30 Books in Konkani. Out of these 24 books are of poetry collections

Beano Video

The Beano Video is a VHS video of The Beano released in September 1993 and broadcast as a television special on. It marked not just the first animated release of the hugely successful children's comic that has spanned many generations, it was re-released in DVD more than 10 years by known as The Beano All-Stars. The video is the first animated appearance for characters like Dennis the Menace, Minnie the Minx, the Bash Street Kids and the Three Bears, it features voices by Kate Robbins, Enn Reitel, Gary Martin and Jonathan Kydd. Martin and Kydd would appear in the 1996-98 TV series adaptation of Dennis the Menace and Gnasher. A sequel to this video was produced and released on 10 October 1994, dubbed The Beano Videostars, featured an expanded list of characters. We open with a giant comic flying towards us, with panels featuring all the characters that this show will focus on; the characters come to life, start breaking out of the panels to interact with each other. It starts with Walter deciding to enter a talent show, with Dennis deciding he can't let a softie win.

When Dennis sees Walter trying a ventriloquist act with his teddy, Dennis tries a similar act with a dummy based on a prisoner. The dummy's screaming is revealed to belong to a parrot Dennis trapped in the dummy, the softies step up their game with a string quartet. Dennis brings in Curly and Pie-Face, they turn the softies into living puppets, operated by the menaces in a tree; the branch Dennis and friends are perched on breaks under their weight, the fall renders both sides unfit to perform. However, Gnasher's fleas start acting up and his frenzied scratching is mistaken for a dance, earning him first prize. Next, in Face the Music, Professor Quaver, the new music teacher, arrives at Bash Street School; the kids, to his dismay, don't know how to play instruments properly, nor do they know how to sing, opting for a noisy football chant instead. With the class dismissed, the Professor decides Winston's yowling is far more pleasant to listen to than the kids, conducts the cat with a baton. Next, in Hotdog, Gnasher teaches Gnipper.

Gnasher barks fiercely at a customer, startling him so much he drops the hot dog, which Gnasher helps himself to. Gnipper tries the same technique, it works, until he gets covered in ketchup, which he forgot to check for. Next, in Porridge, the Three Bears, tired of porridge made from mouldy oats, head out in search of dinner, they steal Hank's horse to carry them and their equipment but are thrown into the sea, where they try fishing. They end up aggravating a shark who chases them back to land, where the bears stumble upon cowboys having a barbecue. Ma and Pa disguise Ted as a cowboy with a pair of dancing bears, Ted launches the cook's roast skyward while the cook is distracted by Ma and Pa dancing; some coyotes get to the roast before the bears though, they decide to just head home. They return home and absurdly thin from their journey, only to find their porridge is gone along with all the oats; as it turns out, the horse they stole earlier is the culprit. Next, in Minnie Chairs, Minnie has fun with chairs, using them as trampolines or a mountain, much to her dad's annoyance.

Sent to play outside, Minnie finds a way to turn the armchair into a chariot, with the neighborhood dogs pulling it, but she ends up crashing it and wrecking the chair, forcing George to drag her down the high street to buy a new one. Minnie causes havoc in the shop and ends up being dropped into a reclining seat which locks her in place, to George's absolute delight. Next, in Soap Box Cart, Dennis's dad is late for his appointment with the doctor to check up on his sprained wrist, but when Dad remembers he can't drive with his hand bandaged, Dennis offers to take him there in his go-kart. The ride is rough for Dad as he is thrown out several times and run over by the kart. Yet, they make it, Dad's wrist is better, but now it's the only part of him. Next, in Lake Beautiful, Plug is mocked by the pupils of Posh Street for being'the ugliest boy in the world' and they place a mirror in front of him, causing it to smash, proving he is ugly; the Headmaster tells Dennis' school teacher that something has to be done because Plug is ruining the good name of Bash Street.

Smiffy tries bringing in a mask for Plug but unwittingly forgets to cut out eye holes, which causes Plug to walk into a wall and smash his face, making him more ugly. The school doctor however reveals that the waters of Lake Beautiful in Tibet can make anybody handsome, so Teacher and the kids fly to Tibet, via Cheap-o Airways, where the food is like school dinners and the plane has to be held together upon take-off, they make a hasty exit on a sledge, which crashes into a Tibetan monastery, where the monks, who have taken a vow of silence, understand English, but their food is worse. The monks show the class the way to the lake and they discover a Burger Bar in the form of an igloo, staffed by polar bears, they all order burgers and hotdogs and discover that it's not just the mountains that are sky high, but the prices too. They arrive at Lake Beautiful where the Keeper sees the problem and acts upon it, trapping the kids in a snowball and launching them into the lake where they all metamorphose into Plug-like faces, or in this case, Keeper-like faces, as he decided all the class needed a "handsome" treatment except Plug.

Next, in Scorcher, Ted's cave is o