Jiaozhou City

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County-level city
Location of Jiaozhou within Qingdao
Location of Jiaozhou within Qingdao
Country China
Province Shandong
Prefecture-level city Qingdao
 • Total 783,478
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)

Jiaozhou (simplified Chinese: 胶州; traditional Chinese: 膠州; pinyin: Jiāozhōu), formerly Jiaoxian or Jiao County, is a county-level city of Qingdao sub-provincial city, Shandong Province, China. It gained its current county-level city designation in 1987. It has an area of 1,313 km2 and a population at the 2000 Census of 783,478.


Under the Zhou, the area around Jiaozhou was the home of the Jie (Chinese: ) tribe of the Dongyi.[1] Under the Qing, it was administered as part of Laizhou.[1]

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