Jineteada gaucha

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Jineteada gaucha in Argentina
Jineteada in the Criolla del Prado in Montevideo, Uruguay

Jineteada gaucha or doma gaucha is a traditional sport in the gaucho culture of Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and southern parts of Brazil and Chile. The objective is for the rider to stay on an untamed horse for a specified time, 6 to 15 seconds, depending on the category.


According to the competition, there are several categories, the most important are:

  • Crina Category or bareback: Rider is only allowed a leather strap, which is placed around the horse's neck. Spurs are used and the mounting time is 8 seconds.
  • Category surera: Rider must ride the animal with only a sheepskin as a pad. Reins are held in one hand, and in other is whip, the mounting time is 12 seconds.
  • Category Basto with counter: Rider uses stirrups and should not lose them at any time. The mounting time is 15 seconds.

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