Jing Guang Centre

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Jing Guang Centre
Jing Guang Center.jpg
General information
Town or city Beijing
Country China
Coordinates 39°55′13.5″N 116°27′37.9″E / 39.920417°N 116.460528°E / 39.920417; 116.460528
Completed 1989
Height 208 m (682 ft)

The Jing Guang Centre (Chinese: 京广中心; pinyin: Jīng-Guǎng Zhōngxīn, an abbreviation for "Beijing-Guangzhou Centre") is a 208 m (682 ft) skyscraper in Beijing CBD which was top of the List of tallest buildings in Beijing from 1989-2006.[1]

The Jing Guang Centre was also the tallest building in mainland China from completion in 1989 until 1996, when King Tower in Shanghai and Shenzhen's Shun Hing Square were completed. The main tower is composed of 3 parts: hotel, offices and condominium, with a side building of additional office space on the northern side.

Rosewood Beijing Hotel[edit]

The hotel section of the Centre was originally the Beijing New World Hotel. The hotel was closed and refurbished in 2012-2013 to become the Rosewood Beijing Hotel.


  1. ^ Daily Report: People's Republic of China - United States. Foreign Broadcast Information Service - 1993 Issues 229-239 - Page 15. "'Beijing has changed a lot,' Deng was quoted as saying, 'I don't recognize it.' He did, however, recognize the Jing Guang Center, the tallest building in Beijing, the report said."

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