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Johan Van Barel (Bornem, 3 October 1964) is a Belgian composer, photographer, digital artist and multimedia engineer.

Johan Van Barel writes music for film, television and game projects, his scores breath the grandeur of the romantic and often bombastic Dimitri Tiomkin themes blended together with the bold and dark atmospheric music of Bernard Herrmann. Johan Van Barel was born in 1964. From his childhood on he was fascinated by everything related to images and sound, he becomes passionately interested in both the artistic and technical aspects of music and multimedia in general. During his engineering education, he studies Applied Arts and Photography at the art-schools of Temse and Sint-Niklaas, his multidisciplinary approach feeds his interest in both the compositional and audio-technical aspects of music creation and production. In his works, he combines contemporary elements, like loops and samples, together with classical note for note musical composition. Just being busy with images and sound is his driving force as multimedia artist.

Music for Film[edit]

  • Götepeték by Kisantal Tibor ([1])
  • Van Beeld Tot Boek by Walter Dierick with ao. Marijke Meersman, Lies Martens ([2])
  • Worst Case Scenario III by Marc André (aka Bob Page)
  • Stirling Movie van Perry Kroll ([3])
  • Repent by Lewis Chen ([4])
  • Lost Or Found by Nitin Bal Chauhan
  • The Banana Road by Perry Kroll ([5])
  • Pirates Of The Drachtstervaart by Jürgen Visser
  • Neverwinter Nights (Elegia Eternum) by Uraj Studios
  • Kun Vuosi Jäi Vajaaksi by Jari Koljonen
  • Fletcher The Alien Catcher by Perry Kroll ([6])
  • Assassins Of The Night by Arid Productions

Coproductions with other Composers and artists[edit]

  • Pretty Dark Album - 2006 (Dirk Blanchart) orchestral arrangements for Pre-Millennium Friend, Gates Of Heaven, Small Airplanes
  • Evo Devo - Tribal Brass (The Terms) Orchestral Remix
  • Stem Voor Mij (Fritz Van Den Heuvel) Brassband arrangement
  • Universe (David Floodstrand) Orchestral arrangement
  • Spanjaard (Jean Sevriens) audio-mastering
  • Tanghetto (Jean Sevriens) audio-mastering

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