Johann Otto von Gemmingen

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Johann Otto von Gemmingen

Johann Otto von Gemmingen (23 October 1545 – 6 October 1598) was the Bishop of Augsburg from 1591 to 1598.


Johann Otto von Gemmingen was born in Tiefenbronn on 23 October 1545, the fourth child of Hans Dietrich von Gemmingen and his wife Magdalena, he probably spent his early years in the Weinfelden Castle, before his father sold it to the Fugger family in 1555. He studied in Italy before enrolling in the University of Ingolstadt in 1565.

He became a canon of Augsburg Cathedral in 1565 and of Eichstätt Cathedral in 1568, he became the dean of Augsburg Cathedral in 1580 and was ordained as a priest in 1581. The cathedral chapter of Eichstätt Cathedral elected him as Bishop of Eichstätt in 1590, but declined because he wanted to stay in Augsburg, his nephew, Johann Konrad von Gemmingen, was subsequently elected as Bishop of Eichstätt.

The cathedral chapter of Augsburg Cathedral elected him Bishop of Augsburg on 21 March 1591. Pope Gregory XIV confirmed his appointment on 10 May 1591, and he was consecrated as a bishop on 25 August 1591; as bishop, Johann Otto promoted Roman Catholicism and introduced many reforms. He promoted the use of the catechism of Petrus Canisius in the Bishopric of Augsburg, he also established many charitable works.

Johann Otto von Gemmingen died in Dillingen an der Donau on 6 October 1598.


Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Marquard von Berg
Prince-Bishop of Augsburg
Succeeded by
Heinrich von Knöringen