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John Bartlett Angel CM (June 12, 1913 – January 10, 1993), born in St. John’s, Newfoundland, was the recipient of the Order of Canada for his work in the improvement of education and welfare in Newfoundland through his voluntary service to the province.

Angel is the fourth-generation president of the United Nail and Foundry Company Limited. Angel's mother was Mary Elizabeth Bartlett, sister of Captain Robert Bartlett.

Angel was a member of the following northern expeditions on the Effie M. Morrissey:

  • 1931 - Norcross-Bartlett expedition to North East Greenland,
  • 1932 - Peary Memorial expedition to North West Greenland,
  • 1933 - Norcross-Bartlett expedition to Foxe Basin,
  • 1935 - Bartlett expedition to North West Greenland,

These are some of the other accomplishments and awards that Angel has received:

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