John Denham Parsons

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John Denham Parsons
South Stoneham, Hampshire, England
NationalityUnited Kingdom

John Denham Parsons was an English writer. He was a member of the Society for Psychical Research, he attempted pamphlet controversy with Sir Sidney Lee and authorities at the British Museum over the Shakespeare authorship question.


  • Our Sun-God: Or Christianity before Christ (1895)
  • The Non-Christian Cross: An Enquiry into the Origin and History of the Symbol Eventually Adopted as That of Our Religion, 1896
  • The Nature and Purpose of the Universe, 1906
  • The great taboo in English literary circles, 1919
  • Ben Johnson and Sir Sidney Lee, 1920
  • Boycotted Shakespeare facts: Being a Preliminary Report Upon the Admissible (1920)
  • Bacon: Being an account of seven years of refusal by the accepted authorities to supply a reasoned judgement concerning certain new evidence affecting.. the identity of the poet Shakespeare, 1922
  • The British Museum and Shakespeare's identity, 1924
  • Did "Shake-speare" signal?

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