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John Duncan (Canadian politician)

John Morris Duncan, PC, MP, is a Canadian politician. He served as a Member of the Parliament of Canada from 1993 to January 2006 and again from October 2008 until August 2015. On August 6, 2010, he was appointed to the Canadian Cabinet as Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, Federal Interlocutor for Métis and Non-Status Indians, Minister responsible for the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency until his resignation on February 15, 2013 over his inappropriate written communication to the Tax Court of Canada, he returned to Cabinet as Chief Government Whip, served in that capacity until the 2015 election, which saw both Duncan's own defeat and the defeat of the government. Born in Winnipeg and raised in British Columbia, Duncan attended the University of British Columbia and graduated with a B. Sc. F from their Faculty of Forestry in 1972. Duncan's first experience as an elected official was as an alderman in Ucluelet, British Columbia from 1982-83. In the 1993 election, Duncan was elected as a member of the Reform Party.

He has served in all that party's incarnations up until the 2006 federal election, when he lost his seat to Catherine J. Bell of the New Democratic Party by 630 votes. Duncan was the Conservative Party's Official Opposition Critic for Natural Resources. During that time he served on the Natural Resources Committee, he helped shape Conservative Party policy on west coast offshore oil and gas, softwood lumber trade and the pine beetle epidemic. While in parliament, he was a member of the "Restaurant Caucus" in the House of Commons, a group of MPs who have interests in the restaurant industry. Duncan's Private Member's Bill C - 259 passed the 38th Parliament to receive Royal Assent to eliminate the excise tax on jewelry. Duncan made parliamentary history as the first MP to have a Private Member's bill related to cutting taxation pass, he won the Vancouver Island North Conservative Party nomination for the 2008 federal election and was elected with 45.78% of the vote. On December 2, 2008, the New Democratic Party asked the RCMP to investigate John Duncan's alleged secret recording of a private NDP conference.

He had received the invitation to participate by mistake, in place of NDP MP Linda Duncan who had "a similar email address". This happened within the context of the 2008–09 Canadian parliamentary dispute. On August 6, 2010, in a minor cabinet shuffle, he joined cabinet as Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development. Under the Harper government, several key bills with a direct effect on aboriginal communities have stalled; as a result, First Nations across Canada have embarked on a widespread and prolonged series of demonstrations under the banner of "Idle No More." In addition, Attawapiskat chief Theresa Spence began a fast in December 2012 to demand a meeting with Harper and a Crown representative. In response, Duncan wrote to Spence requesting she meet with him. "I didn’t ask for Minister Duncan," Spence replied. "And I have dealt with him before. When I observe him, he doesn't have a mind of his own because, before he would answer a question, he would always look at his people. He's not the Prime Minister."On February 15, 2013, he resigned from his cabinet position as Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development after improperly advocating to a tax court on behalf of a constituent in June 2011, was replaced by James Moore.

He returned to cabinet in the more junior role as Minister of State and Chief Government Whip in July 2013. In the 2015 Canadian federal election, Duncan sought reelection in the newly created riding of Courtenay—Alberni, but was defeated by Gord Johns of the NDP. Official site Profile at Parliament of Canada John Duncan – Parliament of Canada biography Speeches and activity at

St Francis of Assisi's Church, Bournville

St Francis of Assisi's Church, Bournville is a parish church in the Church of England in Bournville, Birmingham. Land had been set aside for a church and church hall by Bournville Village Trust in 1905; the church hall was built in 1913, the church building was consecrated in 1925. It was designed by William Alexander Harvey; the font was given as a memorial in 1984. It was designed and made by John Poole; the chapel was designed by Selby Clewer and built in 1966. It was given by Joyce Cadbury in memory of three of their children; the organ was built by Messrs. Nicholson & Co. of Worcester. It was given to the church by the Cadbury Brothers and had been located in The Girls' Dining Room in the Bournville Works. A specification of the organ can be found on the National Pipe Organ Register; the church has had extensive restoration including a new roof, new lighting scheme, improved ramped access and redecoration. It is a Grade II listed building

Penny Hulse

Penelope Anne Hulse is a New Zealand politician, was Deputy Mayor of Auckland from the formation of the Auckland Council Super City until 2016. She continues to represent the Waitakere ward on the Auckland Council and is Chair of the Environment and Community Committee. Hulse, born in South Africa, began her career in 1992 when she was elected to the Waitakere Community Board. In 1995 she was elected to the Waitakere City Council, she was made deputy mayor in 2007 by Bob Harvey. In the 2010 Auckland Council elections Hulse won a seat in the Waitakere ward, she was made deputy mayor by Len Brown. She was re-elected in 2013. Hulse lives in Te Atatu Peninsula and took up cycling to work in the Auckland CBD when the Nelson Street Cycleway was opened in December 2015. Hulse was re-elected to Council in 2016 and the Waitakere Licensing Trust; the new Mayor of Auckland, Phil Goff, replaced her as deputy mayor but appointed her as the chairperson of the environment and community committee, one of the three over-arching Council committees.

She retired from Auckland Council at the 2019 local government elections. In the 2020 New Year Honours, Hulse was appointed a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit, for services to local government. Office website

Richard le Grant

Richard le Grant was Archbishop of Canterbury from 1229 to 1231. Grant was a native of Nazeing and had a brother and sister whom he provided for after he became archbishop, he was chancellor of the see of Lincoln when Henry III nominated him to be Archbishop of Canterbury in opposition to Walter d'Eynsham in 1229. He had been chancellor of Lincoln since at least 16 December 1220, when he first occurs in documents in that office, he was a distinguished writer. And teacher. Grant was provided to the see of Canterbury on 19 January 1229 by Pope Gregory IX, received the temporalities of the see on 24 March 1231, he was consecrated on 10 June 1229. He was recommended for the see by Alexander de Stavenby, the Bishop of Coventry, Henry Sandford, the Bishop of Rochester, who wrote to the pope on Richard's behalf. On 26 January 1231, at a council at Westminster Grant, along with other bishops, objected to Henry III's earlier demand of a second scutage payment. Grant found himself in conflict with Hubert de Burgh, the Justiciar, over the wardship of the de Clare estates at Towbridge, which conflict the archbishop lost after King Henry III of England sided with his justiciar.

Grant attempted to implement reforms in the clergy over the issue of pluralism and the employment of the clergy in the royal government. In pursuit of this aim, he journeyed to Rome to enlist the papacy's aid, but after a favourable reception at the Curia, he died on his return journey to England on 3 August 1231 in Italy, he was buried in San Gemini in Umbria. It has been speculated that he is the same as Richard of Wetheringsett, the earliest known chancellor of the University of Cambridge, who served some time between 1215 and 1232, author of the summa Qui bene presunt

Nalkutan F.C.

Nalkutan F. C. is a Vanuatuan football team based in Tanna. They are known to be the second non-Port Vila based club that has qualified for the OFC Champions League. Nalkutan was founded in 1963; however there is not much known about the first 50 years. However, in 2011 Nalkutan won the VFF TVL cup after beating Sia-Raga 1-0; this was the first time since 1980 that a non-Port Vila club has won the cup. In 2016 they made headlights through all of the Oceania Region when they won the VFF National Super League which meant that they had qualified for the 2018 OFC Champions League for the first time in the history of the club VFF National Super League:1 Winners: 2016 Squad for the 2018 OFC Champions League Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality

A Foot in Coldwater

A Foot in Coldwater known as AFIC, was a Canadian rock band of the 1970s and 1980s. Its original lineup of musicians included Alex Machin, Bob Horne, Paul Naumann, Danny Taylor, Hughie Leggat. A Foot in Coldwater is best known for the song " Anything You Want", a Canadian hit single in 1972 and 1974. A Foot in Coldwater was formed in Toronto, Canada, in 1970 from three other bands. Leggat and Horne had been members of Nucleus, the Lords of London. Machin and Naumann were in the band Island. Together, they signed a recording contract with Frank Davies of Daffodil Records, who named the new band "A Foot in Coldwater". In 1972, Daffodil released A Foot in Coldwater; the first single off that album, " Anything You Want", reached the top 25 on the Canadian record charts. In 1973, Daffodil released The Second Foot in Coldwater, it included the moderately successful singles " In My Life" and "Love is Coming". In 1974, Daffodil released a third A Foot in All Around Us; this album included a shorter version of " Anything You Want", which again made the Canadian singles chart.

In 1976, Daffodil released one more A Foot in Coldwater single, "Midnight Lady". However, Daffodil had filed for bankruptcy and the band no longer had a record label. Horne left A Foot in Coldwater at this point. In 1977, the remaining members of A Foot in Coldwater recorded a single, "Breaking Through" for Anthem Records. In 1988, A Foot in Coldwater regrouped for several short tours. In 1984, the heavy metal band Helix recorded their version of " Anything You Want", it is described as "a sleepy ballad" by AllMusic. In 1998, Unidisc Music reissued the first three A Foot in Coldwater albums along with a two-disc compilation album, The Very Best of A Foot in Coldwater. Alex Machin: Vocals Christopher Edward Campaign, Nucleus, A Foot In Coldwater, Champion, A Foot In Coldwater & Moxy. Paul Naumann: Guitars Buttergarden, Island, Nucleus, A Foot In Coldwater, Steppenwolf, A Foot In Coldwater. Hughie Leggat: Bass, vocals Lords of London, Nucleus, A Foot In Coldwater, Thunder Road, Private Eye, Leggat, A Foot In Coldwater and The Mississippi Hippies.

Bob Horne: Keyboards Lords Of London, Nucleus, A Foot In Coldwater. Danny Taylor: Drums Lords Of London, Nucleus, A Foot In Coldwater, Leggat, Ryan Brothers, A Foot In Coldwater. Ron Charles McBride: Backup vocals A Foot In Coldwater. A Foot in ColdwaterDaffodil SBA 16012, 1972 CD Unidisc AGEK 2158 1998 The Second Foot in ColdwaterDaffodil SBA 16028, 1973 CD Unidisc AGEK 2159 1998 All Around UsDaffodil DAF 10048, 1974 CD Unidisc AGEK 2160 1998 Breaking ThroughAnthem ANR 1 1008, 1977 Footprints Vol. 1Daffodil DFN 665, 1983 CD BEI BEIBD 25 Footprints Vol. 2Daffodil DFN 666, 1983 CD BEI BEIBD 26 The Very Best of A Foot in Coldwater CD Unidisc AGEK 2 2161, 1998 " Anything You Want" / "Alone Together"DFS 1017 1972 " In My Life" / "Deep Freeze"DFS 1028 1972 "Lady True" / "In Heat"DFS 1033 1973 "Love Is Coming" / "How Much Can You Take"DFS 1040 1973 "So Long" / "Who Can Stop Us Now"DFS 1046 1973 " Anything You Want" / "Para-Dice"DFS 1058 1974 "I Know What You Need" / "He's Always There"DIL 1065 1974 "Midnight Lady" / "All Around Us"DFS 1216-1068 1975 "Keep A Candle Burning" / "It's Only Love"DFS 1087 1976 "Breaking Through" / "Play My Guitar"ANS 002 1977 Canadian rock Music of Canada Japie Marais.

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