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John Ebdon (December 22, 1923– March 19, 2005[1]) was a British author, broadcaster, Graecophile and, for 21 years, director of the London Planetarium.[1] He was educated at Blundell's School. On his death, obituaries appeared in the Times, Independent, Guardian and Telegraph newspapers and on the BBC.[2]

Ebdon presented Archive Feature on the Home Service and Radio 4 from 1961 to 1987, he also presented the archive-based Nonsense at Noon on the Home Service, 1965-66. "His facetious patrician tones every third Monday morning, his sense of the absurd, his ear for a word mistakenly taken out of context, his famous cat Perseus, delighted much of middle England as much as it infuriated a small minority."--Glyn Worsnip.[3]


  • Ebdon's Odyssey (1979)[4]
  • Ebdon's Iliad (1983)[4]
  • Ebdon's England (1985)[4]
  • Near Myths: A Love Affair with Greece (1989)[4]
  • From My Archives: Maiden Aunts and Other Trifles (1990)[5]


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