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John Gibson McMynn (July 9, 1824 – June 5, 1900) was an American educator.

Born in Palatine Bridge, New York, McMynn graduated from Williams College in 1848. In 1848, he moved to Kenosha, Wisconsin, where he started a school. In 1853, he moved to Racine, Wisconsin[1] to set up the public school system. In 1861, he moved to Winona, Minnesota to help set up the first normal school in Minnesota now Winona State University. However, when the American Civil War started he went back to Wisconsin and joined the 10th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment and was commissioned a colonel.[1] He served as Superintendent of Public Instruction of Wisconsin from 1864 to 1868.[2] McMynn helped set up the Wisconsin Teachers Association and was its first president,[1] and he served as regent for the University of Wisconsin.[1] He also worked for Jerome Case.[3][4] McMynn School in Racine is named for him.[5] McMynn died at his home in Madison on June 5, 1900.[2]


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