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John Thompson.

John Thompson (1802–1891) was a United States banker, financial publisher, and dealer in bank notes. The son of a Revolutionary War soldier, he was born near Pittsfield, Mass.

Thompson worked as a teacher and lottery-ticket dealer in Poughkeepsie, New York, before moving to New York City in 1832 to become a dealer in bank notes,[1] he founded "Thompson's Bank Note Reporter," the predecessor to the American Banker newspaper, in 1836.[2] The publication was devoted to "sorting out the good banks and their notes from bad banks and their notes."[3]

Together with his sons, Samuel C. Thompson and Frederick Ferris Thompson, he founded First National Bank of the City of New York in 1863; it opened its doors on July 22 of that year,[4] he also founded Chase National Bank in 1877, a predecessor of the Chase Manhattan Bank.[5]

Thompson was married to Electa Ferris, they resided in New York City at 295 Madison Avenue and summered at The Anchorage in Highland, New York.

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