John Wallace (Canadian politician)

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John Wallace
Source: Library and Archives Canada

John Wallace (November 18, 1812 – January 1, 1896) was a New Brunswick farmer and political figure. He represented Albert in the House of Commons of Canada as a Liberal member from 1867 to 1878 and then from 1883 to 1887 as a Liberal and then as a Liberal-Conservative.[1]

He was born in Hillsborough, New Brunswick in 1812,[1] the son of James Wallace and Catherine Copp,[2] and grew up there. His grandparents had come to New Brunswick from Donegal in northern Ireland. Wallace was president of the Albert Agricultural Society and also a justice of the peace. Besides operating a large farm, he also owned a sawmill[3] and was a director of the Albert Southern Railway.[2] Wallace was originally a Liberal. After his election in 1882 was appealed, he was elected again in an 1883 by-election after running as a Liberal-Conservative.[1]

He was married three times: to Eleanor Russell in 1846, to Cynthia Foss in 1859 and to Charlotte Stackford in 1872.[2]