Join the Dots: B-Sides & Rarities 1978–2001 (The Fiction Years)

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Join the Dots: B-Sides & Rarities
Box set by The Cure
Released 27 January 2004
Recorded 1978–2001
Genre Gothic rock
Length 4:54:58
Label Fiction (UK)
Elektra/Rhino (US)
Producer The Cure, Robert Smith, Phil Thornalley, Chris Parry, Steve Nye, Mike Hedges, Dave Allen, Steve Lyon (Mixing), Paul Corkett
The Cure chronology
Greatest Hits
(2001)Greatest Hits2001
Join the Dots: B-Sides & Rarities
The Cure
(2004)The Cure2004
Professional ratings
Aggregate scores
Review scores
AllMusic4.5/5 stars[2]
Blender3/5 stars[3]
Entertainment WeeklyB+[4]
The Guardian3/5 stars[5]
Pitchfork Media(6.8/10)[7]
Rolling Stone3/5 stars[1]
Stylus MagazineA−[8]
Uncut3/5 stars[1]
Yahoo! Music UK7/10 stars[9]

Join the Dots: B-Sides & Rarities is a box set of The Cure, released on January 27, 2004 by their former record label Fiction. (Elektra and Rhino co-released the compilation in North America.) This box set is a four-disc compilation of B-sides and rarities, digitally remastered from their original tapes. The box set includes all B-sides by the band, apart from a number of remixes, as well a number of unreleased songs and songs that had been out of physical circulation for years. Many of the songs had not appeared on CD before. The set includes a booklet with track-by-track commentary and an extensive overview of the band's history up to 2004, followed by an extensive list of The Cure's discography.

The B-side "I'm Cold" features singer Siouxsie Sioux on backing vocals; the collaboration came at the time when The Cure were supporting Siouxsie and the Banshees on their 1979 British tour.

Some of the B-sides released between 1982 and 1983 were first compiled on the Japanese Whispers compilation album issued in late 1983.

Track listing[edit]

Song title (Song writers) - Elapsed time (Information on the song)

Disc 1 (1978–1987)[edit]

  1. "10:15 Saturday Night" (Dempsey, Smith, Tolhurst) – 3:43 (Originally the B-side of "Killing an Arab", but also appears on Three Imaginary Boys and Boys Don't Cry, 1979)
  2. "Plastic Passion" (Dempsey, Smith, Tolhurst) – 2:16 (Originally the B-side of "Boys Don't Cry", but also appears on Boys Don't Cry, 1979)
  3. "Pillbox Tales" (Dempsey, Smith, Tolhurst) – 2:56 (Originally the B-side of the "Boys Don't Cry" 1986 12" rerelease, but recorded in 1979)
  4. "Do the Hansa" (Dempsey, Smith, Tolhurst) – 2:40 (Originally the B-side of the "Boys Don't Cry" 1986 12" re-release, but recorded in 1979)
  5. "I'm Cold" (Dempsey, Smith, Tolhurst) – 2:49 (Originally the B-side of "Jumping Someone Else's Train", 1979)
  6. "Another Journey by Train" (Gallup, Hartley, Smith, Tolhurst) – 3:06 (Originally the B-side of "A Forest", 1980)
  7. "Descent" (Gallup, Smith, Tolhurst) – 3:09 (Originally the B-side of "Primary", 1981)
  8. "Splintered in Her Head" (Gallup, Smith, Tolhurst) – 5:17 (Originally the B-side of "Charlotte Sometimes", 1981)
  9. "Lament" [Flexipop] (Smith) – 4:36 (Came on a vinyl record included on an issue of Flexipop, 1982)
  10. "Just One Kiss" (Smith, Tolhurst) – 4:10 (Originally the B-side of "Let's Go to Bed", 1982)
  11. "The Dream" (Smith) – 3:12 (Originally the B-side of "The Walk", 1983)
  12. "The Upstairs Room" (Smith, Tolhurst) – 3:31 (Originally the extra B-side of "The Walk" 12", 1983)
  13. "Lament" (Smith) – 4:25 (Originally the extra B-side of "The Walk" 12", 1983)
  14. "Speak My Language" (Smith, Tolhurst) – 2:43 (Originally the B-side of "The Love Cats", 1983)
  15. "Mr Pink Eyes" (Smith, Tolhurst) – 2:45 (Originally the extra B-side of "The Love Cats" 12", 1983)
  16. "Happy the Man" (Smith) – 2:47 (Originally the B-side of "The Caterpillar", 1984)
  17. "Throw Your Foot" (Smith) – 3:33 (Originally the extra B-side of "The Caterpillar" 12", 1984)
  18. "New Day" (Smith, Tolhurst) – 4:10 (Originally the extra B-side of the 10" single of "Close to Me", 1985)
  19. "The Exploding Boy" (Smith) – 2:54 (Originally the B-side of "In Between Days", 1985)
  20. "A Few Hours After This..." (Smith) – 2:28 (Originally the extra B-side of "In Between Days" 12", 1985)
  21. "A Man Inside My Mouth" (Smith) – 3:07 (Originally the B-side of "Close To Me", 1985)
  22. "Stop Dead" (Smith) – 4:02 (Originally the extra B-side of "Close to Me" 12", 1985)

Disc 2 (1987–1992)[edit]

  1. "A Japanese Dream" (Gallup, Smith, Thompson, Tolhurst, Williams) – 3:29 (Originally the B-side of "Why Can't I Be You?", 1987)
  2. "Breathe" (Gallup, Smith, Thompson, Tolhurst, Williams) – 4:48 (Originally the B-side of "Catch", 1987)
  3. "A Chain of Flowers" (Gallup, Smith, Thompson, Tolhurst, Williams) – 4:55 (Originally the extra B-side of "Catch" 12", 1987)
  4. "Snow in Summer" (Gallup, Smith, Thompson, Tolhurst, Williams) – 3:27 (Originally the B-side of "Just Like Heaven", 1987)
  5. "Sugar Girl" (Gallup, Smith, Thompson, Tolhurst, Williams) – 3:15 (Originally the extra B-side of "Just Like Heaven" 12", 1987)
  6. "Icing Sugar" [Remix] (Gallup, Smith, Thompson, Tolhurst, Williams) – 3:23 (Extra track on Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me orange vinyl bonus disc, 1987)
  7. "Hey You!!!" [12" Extended Mix] (Gallup, Smith, Thompson, Tolhurst, Williams) – 4:08 (Originally the B-side of "Hot Hot Hot!!!", 1987)
  8. "How Beautiful You Are..." [Remix] (Gallup, Smith, Thompson, Tolhurst, Williams) – 4:25 (Extra track on Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me Radio sampler CD, 1987)
  9. "To the Sky" (Gallup, Smith, Thompson, Tolhurst, Williams) – 5:15 (Originally released on the Fiction compilation Stranger Than Fiction in 1989, but was recorded in 1987)
  10. "Babble" (Gallup, O'Donnell, Smith, Thompson, Tolhurst, Williams) – 4:18 (Originally the B-side of "Lullaby" in the UK and "Fascination Street" in the U.S., 1989)
  11. "Out of Mind" (Gallup, O'Donnell, Smith, Thompson, Tolhurst, Williams) – 3:51 (Originally an extra B-side on the 12" version of "Lullaby" and the 12" version of "Fascination Street", 1989)
  12. "2 Late" (Gallup, O'Donnell, Smith, Thompson, Tolhurst, Williams) – 2:41 (Originally the B-side of "Lovesong", 1989)
  13. "Fear of Ghosts" (Gallup, O'Donnell, Smith, Thompson, Tolhurst, Williams) – 6:51 (Originally the extra B-side of "Lovesong" 12", 1989)
  14. "Hello, I Love You" [psychedelic version] (Densmore, Krieger, Manzarek, Morrison) – 6:04 (Previously unreleased, but recorded in 1990)
  15. "Hello I Love You" (Densmore, Krieger, Manzarek, Morrison) – 3:31 (Originally from the Elektra CD Rubiyat, 1990, cover of a song by The Doors)
  16. "Hello I Love You" [Slight Return Mix] (Densmore, Krieger, Manzarek, Morrison) – 0:13 (Originally from the Elektra CD Rubaiyat, 1990)
  17. "Harold and Joe" (Gallup, Smith, Thompson, Williams) – 5:09 (Originally the B-side of "Never Enough", 1990)
  18. "Just Like Heaven" [Dizzy Mix] (Gallup, Smith, Thompson, Tolhurst, Williams) – 3:43 (Originally the B-side of the "Close to Me" Closest Mix re-release, 1990)

Disc 3 (1992–1996)[edit]

  1. "This Twilight Garden" (Bamonte, Gallup, Smith, Thompson, Williams) – 4:45 (Originally the B-side of "High", 1992)
  2. "Play" (Bamonte, Gallup, Smith, Thompson, Williams) – 4:36 (Originally the extra B-side of "High", 1992)
  3. "Halo" (Bamonte, Gallup, Smith, Thompson, Williams) – 3:47 (Originally the B-side of "Friday I'm in Love", 1992)
  4. "Scared as You" (Bamonte, Gallup, Smith, Thompson, Williams) – 4:12 (Originally the extra B-side of "Friday I'm in Love" 12", 1992)
  5. "The Big Hand" (Bamonte, Gallup, Smith, Thompson, Williams) – 4:53 (Originally the B-side of "A Letter to Elise", 1992)
  6. "A Foolish Arrangement" (Bamonte, Gallup, Smith, Thompson, Williams) – 3:51 (Originally the extra B-side of "A Letter to Elise" 12", 1992)
  7. "Doing the Unstuck" [Saunders 12" Remix] (Bamonte, Gallup, Smith, Thompson, Williams) – 5:55 (Previously unreleased remix made in 1992, intended for a "Doing the Unstuck" single that never came to be, 1992)
  8. "Purple Haze" (Virgin Radio Version) (Hendrix) – 3:18 (Originally unreleased 12" version, 1993)
  9. "Purple Haze" (Hendrix) – 5:22 (Originally from Stone Free: A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix, 1993)
  10. "Burn" (Bamonte, Gallup, Smith, Williams) – 6:37 (Originally from The Crow official soundtrack, 1994)
  11. "Young Americans" (Bowie) – 6:23 (Originally from 104.9 XFM compilation, a cover of the David Bowie song coupled with the riff from Bowie's "The Wedding Song", 1993)
  12. "Dredd Song" (Bamonte, Cooper, Gallup, O'Donnell, Smith) – 4:25 (Originally from the Judge Dredd official soundtrack, 1995)
  13. "It Used to Be Me" (Bamonte, Cooper, Gallup, O'Donnell, Smith) – 6:50 (Originally the B-side to "The 13th", 1996)
  14. "Ocean" (Bamonte, Cooper, Gallup, O'Donnell, Smith) – 3:29 (Originally the B-side to "The 13th", 1996)
  15. "Adonais" (Bamonte, Cooper, Gallup, O'Donnell, Smith) – 4:11 (Originally the B-side to "The 13th", 1996)

Disc 4 (1996–2001)[edit]

  1. "Home" (Bamonte, Cooper, Gallup, O'Donnell, Smith) – 3:24 (Originally the B-side to "Mint Car", 1996)
  2. "Waiting" (Bamonte, Cooper, Gallup, O'Donnell, Smith) – 3:34 (Originally the B-side to "Mint Car", 1996)
  3. "A Pink Dream" (Bamonte, Cooper, Gallup, O'Donnell, Smith) – 3:44 (Originally the B-side to "Mint Car", 1996)
  4. "This Is a Lie" [Ambient Mix] (Bamonte, Cooper, Gallup, O'Donnell, Smith) – 4:32 (Originally the B-side to "Strange Attraction" in the U.S. and "Gone!" in the UK, 1996)
  5. "Wrong Number" [P2P Remix] (Smith) – 8:14 (Originally one of the remixes from the "Wrong Number" single, remixed by Robert Smith in 1997)
  6. "More Than This" (Smith) – 5:11 (Originally from The X-Files: The Album, 1998)
  7. "World in My Eyes" (Gore) – 4:52 (Originally from For the Masses, an album of Depeche Mode covers, 1998)
  8. "Possession" (Bamonte, Cooper, Gallup, O'Donnell, Smith) – 5:17 (Previously unreleased song from the Bloodflowers sessions, 2000)
  9. "Out of This World" [Oakenfold Remix] (Bamonte, Cooper, Gallup, O'Donnell, Smith) – 7:01 (Previously unreleased remix, but made in 2000)
  10. "Maybe Someday" [Hedges Remix] (Bamonte, Cooper, Gallup, O'Donnell, Smith) – 4:59 (Originally from the "Maybe Someday" promo-only CD, 2000)
  11. "Coming Up" (Bamonte, Cooper, Gallup, O'Donnell, Smith) – 6:27 (Originally an extra track on the Japanese/Australian versions of Bloodflowers, 2000)
  12. "Signal to Noise" (acoustic version) (Bamonte, Cooper, Gallup, O'Donnell, Smith) – 3:36 (Previously unreleased acoustic recording from the Greatest Hits sessions, due to the fact that "Signal to Noise" was planned to be a single with the B-side "Cut Here", but was switched at the last moment, 2001)
  13. "Signal to Noise" (Bamonte, Cooper, Gallup, O'Donnell, Smith) – 4:07 (Originally the B-side to "Cut Here", 2001)
  14. "Just Say Yes" (Curve Remix) (Bamonte, Cooper, Gallup, O'Donnell, Smith) – 3:18 (Previously unreleased remix made in 2001)
  15. "A Forest" [Plati and Slick Version] (Gallup, Hartley, Smith, Tolhurst) – 6:41 (Previously unreleased remix made in 2001)


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