Join the Flumeride

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Join the Flumeride
Directed by Tobias Persson
Produced by Ola Ingvarsson
Written by Roger Gunnarsson
Tobias Persson
Starring Anna Ahnstedt
Anders Celin
Music by Roger Gunnarsson
Tobias Persson
Release date
Running time
56 minutes
Country Sweden
Language Swedish

Join the Flumeride is a 1998 Swedish mockumentary. The plot revolves around two fictional bands, "Gula Tidningen" and "Pincette", which are parodies of Swedish pop groups Gyllene Tider and Roxette respectively. The film features a cameo by Per Gessle, the lead vocalist of Gyllene Tider and one half of the duo Roxette. The title is a takeoff on the lyrics of Roxette's hit 1991 single, Joyride.

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