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Jolin Tsai filmography
2008TaipeiGameShow Day3 IGS JolinTsai.jpg
Tsai at the Taipei Game Show 2008
Feature films 2
Short films 5
Television series 6
Variety shows 1

Taiwanese entertainer Jolin Tsai (Chinese: 蔡依林) has been featured in two feature films, five short films, six television series, and one variety show. In 2001, Tsai made her acting debut as a leading role in the television drama, Catcher, which was directed by Huang Chun-hua.[1] In the same year, she made a cameo appearance in the television drama, Six Friends, which was directed by Ma Kung-wei.[2] Her next television dramas, Come to My Place, directed by Doze Niu, and In Love, directed by Ouyang Sheng and Chang Chih-chao, were released in 2002.[3][4] Tsai followed it with a leading role in the television drama, Hi Working Girl (2003), which was directed by Huang Ko-i and Wu Ssu-ta, with Taiwanese actor Show Lo.[5] She received mixed reviews for her leading role in the television drama.[6] In 2005, Tsai played the leading role in the television drama, We Are the Champions, which was directed by Kao Tien-lung. To further promote her studio album in 2007, Tsai played the title role in the film, Agent J, which was directed by Jeff Chang, Kuang Sheng, and Lai Wei-kang.[7] She was received positively for her leading role in the film. In 2016, Tsai joined the voice cast of Disney animated film, Zootopia, which was directed by Byron Howard and Rich Moore. She voiced a European rabbit named Judy Hopps who is a newly appointed member of the Zootopia Police Department in the film's Taiwanese version.[8]

Feature films[edit]

Title Year Credit Role Director(s) Ref.
Agent J September 2007 Actress Jolin Jeff Chang, Kuang Sheng, Lai Wei-kang [7]
Zootopia (Taiwanese version) February 2016 Actress Judy Hopps (voice) Byron Howard, Rich Moore, Jared Bush [8]

Short films[edit]

Title Year Credit Role Director(s) Ref.
Take the Happy Home 2013 January 2013 Actress Wu Jiayang [9]
Take the Happy Home 2014 January 2014 Actress Cai Xiaoguo Wei Zheng [10]
Make a Wish October 2014 Actress Shih Hsiang-te [11]
Take the Happy Home 2015 January 2015 Actress Li Weiran [12]
Take the Happy Home 2016 January 2016 Actress Andrew Lok [13]

Television series[edit]

Title Year Credit Role Director(s) Ref.
Catcher August 2001 Actress Lin Huang Chun-hua [1]
Six Friends December 2001 Actress Ai Ma Kung-wei [2]
Come to My Place March 2002 Actress Kao An-na Doze Niu [3]
In Love August 2002 Actress Jolin Ouyang Sheng, Chang Chih-chao [4]
Hi Working Girl October 2003 Actress Fu I-ling Huang Ko-i, Wu Ssu-ta [5]
We Are the Champions May 2005 Actress Wan Mei-shan Kao Tien-lung [6]

Variety shows[edit]

Title Year Credit Role Director(s) Ref.
Rising Star October 2014 Expert Yang Jingyu [14]


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