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Jonathan Marc Sherman
Born10 October 1968 (1968-10-10) (age 50)
OccupationPlaywright, poet

Jonathan Marc Sherman (born 10 October 1968) is a contemporary American playwright. He submitted plays for several years to Young Playwrights Inc.'s National Playwrights Competition before they did a staged reading of his one-act, Serendipity and Serenity in 1987, followed by a full production of his next play, Women and Wallace (1988).


Serendipity and Serenity[edit]

1987. Young Playwrights Festival at Playwrights Horizons (staged reading)

Women and Wallace[edit]

  • 1988. Foundation of the Dramatists Guild (now Young Playwrights Inc.) Young Playwrights Festival at Playwrights Horizons. Josh Hamilton as Wallace
  • 1990. American Playhouse (PBS television), with Josh Hamilton (Wallace), Joan Copeland, Shaie Dively, Erica Gimpel, Joanna Going, Mary Joy, Debra Monk, Cynthia Nixon, and Jill Tasker. Directed by Don Scardino.

Jesus on the Oil Tank[edit]

Winner of the 21st Century Playwrights Award

Sons and Fathers[edit]

The short play is about a family of two brothers, Toby and Max, and their father, fifteen years after the mother committed suicide. Toby, an idealist who has never quite recovered from his mother's death, still wears diapers at the age of 21 and hardly leaves the house.[citation needed] His older brother Max often lectures him on the ways of life and love. Joanna, a new representative for the diaper company responsible for Toby's deliveries, makes a delivery and Toby instantly falls in love.[citation needed] The play ends with Toby leaving the house, and more symbolically, his dependence on his mother's memory, to be with Joanna.

The play was written in 1991, and was performed by Ethan Hawke's Malaparte Theater Company in New York City. Calista Flockhart played Joanna, Josh Hamilton (actor) played Toby and Ethan Hawke played Max. In the play's earlier incarnation as a workshop reading, Sherman himself played the part of Toby.

In the play's foreword, Sherman stresses the significance of Toby in the play; that his character is the nucleus of the play.

Veins and Thumbtacks[edit]

  • 1991. Los Angeles Theatre Center. Jimmy Bonaparte: Fisher Stevens
  • 1994. Malaparte (theater company) in New York City. Jimmy Bonaparte: Frank Whaley
  • 2001. Basis for Frank Whaley's movie The Jimmy Show, with Frank Whaley, Carla Gugino, Ethan Hawke, and Lynn Cohen.


Wonderful Time[edit]

1995. WPA Theater in New York City.


  • 1998. Williamstown Theatre Festival in Massachusetts. Directed by Nicholas Martin. With Matt McGrath (actor) (Henry), Dylan Baker (Storyteller), Anna Belknap (Gina), Marin Hinkle (Hope), Justin Kirk (Ernie), and Sam Breslin Wright (Rex). Sets by Alexander Dodge, Lights by Stephen Brady, Costumes by Marisa Timperman, Sound by Jerry N. Yager
  • 2002. 45 Below at Culture Project in New York City. Directed by Elizabeth Gottlieb. With Josh Hamilton (actor) (Henry), Larry Block (Storyteller), Peter Dinklage (Rex), Keira Naughton (Hope), Armando Riesco (Ernie), and Ione Skye (Gina). Sets by Andromache Chalfant, Lights by Jeff Croiter, Costumes by Daphne Javitch, Video by Edmond Deraedt
  • 2018 in Manchester UK; Hope Mill Theatre; Directed by Daniel Bradford. With Alex Phelps (Teddy), William J Holstead (Sty), Paddy Young (Charlie), Hannah Ellis Ryan (Stella).

Things We Want[edit]


2009. Williamstown Theatre Festival in Massachusetts. Directed by Nicholas Martin. With Brooks Ashmanskas (Melvin), Peter Dinklage (Chester), Bob Dishy (Raymond), Rightor Doyle (Steve), Annie Parisse (Tara), Susan Pourfar (Pauline), and Reg Rogers (Jerry). Sets by Alexander Dodge. Sound Design by Alex Neumann.


  • Oliver! (as "The Artful Dodger") Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera, 1983
  • My First Swedish Bombshell (TV) (Harrison Slide) NBC & Showtime, 1985
  • The Chopin Playoffs (as "Irving Yanover") American Jewish Theatre, 1986
  • A Joke (as "Grizzoffi"), Malaparte (theater company), 1992
  • Sophistry (as "Igor"), Playwrights Horizons, 1993
  • Wild Dogs, Malaparte (theater company), 1993
  • Unexpected Tenderness (as "Roddy Stern"), WPA, 1994
  • The Great Unwashed, Malaparte (theater company), 1994
  • Quiz Show (as Don Quixote Student #2), 1994
  • Southie (as "Eddie Eaton"), 1998
  • Pigeonholed (as Bartender), 1999
  • I Wanna Be Adored, NY Performance Works, 2000
  • Zog's Place (as himself), 2001
  • Broadway: The American Musical (TV), 2004
  • The Baxter (as "Deaf Bar Baxter"), 2005
  • Escape Artists (as "Linus"), 2005
  • The Limbo Room (as "Guy Greenbaum"), 2006
  • Steam (as "Norman"), 2006
  • When The Nines Roll Over (as "the Australian"), 2006
  • The Hottest State, 2007

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