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Isidore of Seville, 1892

José Alcoverro y Amorós (Tivenys, Tarragona, 1835 — Madrid, December 1908) was a Spanish sculptor, a pupil of José Piquer.

Alcoverro was a virtuoso modeller who specialised in realistic portraiture, and whose penchant for realism animated both his religious compositions, often selected for their inherent drama, such as the Ishmael Fainting of Thirst (1867), which brought him to public attention)[1] and his allegorical official commissions. He exhibited in the Madrid annual expositions from 1867 to 1907.

Agriculture in the Monument to Alfonso XII, 1907

Among his works in Madrid are:


  1. ^ It was purchased for the academy at Valencia.
  2. ^ The project was under the direction of the architect José Grasés y Riera (Monumento a Alfonso XII).

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