Joseph Arnold

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Joseph Arnold
Joseph Arnold, bust portrait Wellcome L0019003.jpg
Joseph Arnold
Born28 December 1782
Died26 July 1818
Scientific career
FieldsNatural history

Joseph Arnold (28 December 1782 – 26 July 1818 in Padang, Sumatra, Netherlands East Indies) was a naval surgeon and naturalist. His specimen collection is in the museum of the Linnean Society.

Born in Beccles, Suffolk, Arnold learned surgery in Edinburgh and received a diploma in 1807. From 1808 to 1815, he worked as a naval surgeon for the Royal Navy, including two trips to Australia (in 1809 with HMS Hindostan; and in 1815 with HMS Northumberland). After 1815, he unsuccessfully tried to work as surgeon in Sydney, and upon his return trip to England he was stranded in Batavia. In 1818, he worked with Sir Stamford Raffles in Sumatra, where he died.

The largest flowering plant, Rafflesia arnoldii, was discovered by an Indonesian guide working for him and later named in Arnold's honour.